Weebly widgets to grow your website

Increase user engagement on your website and generate leads with custom forms and Weebly popups. Email opt-in forms, online surveys, live chat, contact buttons, and more.

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Powerful widgets for Weebly to support
your marketing strategy

GetSiteControl Build an email list Build an email list

Capture your website visitors’ emails using subscription forms, contact forms, surveys, and a live chat. Collect their consent to receive emails from you, create an autoresponder message, offer lead magnets to incentivize signups, and add email marketing software integration.

GetSiteControl Provide customer support Provide customer support

Allow visitors to contact you the way that’s most convenient to them. Install a live chat Weebly widget for real-time responses, add floating “contact us” tabs, or offer a callback. Receive instant notifications about every submission and be able to respond even on the go.

GetSiteControl Increase store sales Increase store sales

Experiment with multiple solutions to nudge store visitors to take action. Display exit-intent popups to prevent cart abandonment and convert hesitating visitors. Set up special offers to appear on select pages based on user on-page behavior, add sticky bars highlighting your current deals.

GetSiteControl Keep visitors informed Keep visitors informed

Make use of Weebly popups and notification bars to highlight special deals, terms of service, announce upcoming sales or updates. Display slide-ins with relevant content or product category suggestion. Place an eye-catching call-to-action that will lead to the selected page of your website.

GetSiteControl Conduct marketing research Conduct marketing research

Learn more about what your prospective customers want, and how they interact with your website. Place star rating scales on select pages to get a general evaluation of any updates, run customer satisfaction polls, and website usability surveys.

GetSiteControl Collect customer feedback Collect customer feedback

Enable customers and prospects to leave their questions and suggestions easily when they want to. Make your “Feedback” forms available and noticeable on every webpage, suggest visitors sharing their thoughts right after they’ve performed an action or before they exit.

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Email subscription popups for Weebly

Lead capture forms

Turn your website visitors into email subscribers with a customizable email signup form. Create beautiful newsletter subscription popups and floating signup bars and add them to your Weebly site in one click. You can add custom images, choose from multiple form triggers and integrate your lead generation form with any popular email marketing app.

Contact form widget for Weebly

Custom contact forms

Want to add a contact form to your Weebly website? There’s no need to search for a dedicated 3-rd party plugin for that. Using multiple templates and custom fields, you can create any contact form type for your business: technical & sales support tab, callback request button, online order form, or a feedback box. Place it sitewide or on select pages only.

Weebly popups for conducting surveys

Poll and survey widget

Create unlimited surveys for your website using GetSiteControl custom form builder. Add multiple input field options including text boxes, email capture fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, and star rating scales. Make your online surveys mobile-friendly and target them at select audience to get meaningful data.

Notification bars and popups for Weebly websites

Promo popups

Whenever you have a sale to promote, an update to announce or news to share, use website popups to drive traffic to the necessary page. Create promotional popups with custom images or floating bars to increase conversions on your Weebly site. Advanced targeting settings allow you to show promotions only to specific groups of visitors.

Weebly live chat widget

Live chat solution

Looking for a live chat solution for your store that won’t take too much time to set up and maintain? With GetSiteControl, you’ll be able to quickly add a chat button and respond to visitors’ requests in real-time from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll also be able to switch between online and offline statuses or assign team members to particular requests.

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How to install GetSiteControl widgets to any Weebly website

Quick guided installation, zero coding

You’ll be able to create professional-looking customizable forms and popups even if you never used third-party plugins on your Weebly website before. To help you get started, we’ve compiled detailed instruction with a piece of the installation script. Simply paste the script to the code of your website to connect it to GetSiteControl.

Step-by-step instructions

Weebly widgets + your favorite business apps

Choose among 30+ email marketing tools

Make use of a seamless integration process and connect your forms with any popular email marketing software to send new contacts directly to the list.

Track widget performance

Track performance of your Weebly widgets in Google Analytics under the "Events" report category and adjust your strategy based on data-driven decisions.

Connect with 750+ web apps

Connect GetSiteControl with numerous web apps using Zapier integration. Send data from Weebly popup forms to your CRM, Helpdesk, or any other business solution of your choice.