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Create any type of WordPress contact form you can think of: a floating “contact us” button, a callback popup, a complaint submission widget, a sticky “Feedback” tab, and more.

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Virginia Pierce

The “contact us” form is a convenient communication tool. It works great and we receive 3-5 submissions a day with questions about our program.

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Perhaps the most versatile
WordPress contact form widget

Contact form plugin to be used for customer support of WordPress websites

Create a form for technical & sales support

Here is a rule of thumb: if a prospect doesn’t find an easy way to contact your company, it’s always disappointing. Make sure there is always a “contact us” tab in sight for them to send technical or sales questions. Even better, you can display a more prominent contact form widget after a website visitor has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page or has spent a certain amount of time browsing.

Using a WordPress contact form as a feedback widget

Collect feedback from your website visitors

A WordPress contact form is another convenient way to monitor the mood of your audience. Ask visitors to share their thoughts after they perform an action on a website, right before they exit, or at any time convenient to them. Add checkboxes and rating scales to collect more information. You’ll be receiving email notifications about new messages instantly and will be able to respond directly from the inbox.

Add a customizable contact form to your WordPress website

Turn your widget into any type of contact form

Don’t settle for a regular WordPress contact widget when you can adjust one precisely according to your business needs. GetSiteControl offers templates for a variety of goals – from a callback request and a custom online order form to a complaint and a job application forms. Plus, you can capture email leads and send them directly to your CRM, email marketing software, or helpdesk using integration settings.

A simple WordPress contact form plugin

GetSiteControl contact widget plugin available in WordPress plugin repository

Easy no-code installation

The installation process is as easy as 1-2-3. Just add a lightweight GetSiteControl plugin from the repository and sign up. You’ll be working on your first form within minutes. And there’s more! Along with the contact us widget, you’ll be able to build email subscription forms, call-to-action popups, surveys, and a live chat – all in the same dashboard.

Install WordPress contact form plugin

Here is what it takes to create
a great contact form widget

GetSiteControl Deep customization Deep customization

The contact widget appearance and its on-page behavior can be thoroughly customized. Select a color theme to match your website style, adjust fonts and animation, customize fields, use various triggers and targeting settings.

GetSiteControl Webpage positions Webpage positions

There are 9 strategic positions on a webpage where you can place a WordPress contact form. Decide whether it should be a floating side button or a tab at the bottom of the page, a sticky bar, a slide-in, or a noticeable modal popup.

GetSiteControl Mobile-friendly widget Mobile-friendly widget

The unobtrusive mobile view feature allows for adjusting your contact widget to the size of smaller screens without hurting user experience. As a result, you get a responsive compact button that moves along with the page and opens a form when clicked on.

GetSiteControl Autoresponder Autoresponder

GetSiteControl autoresponder is a nifty way to send an instant message to those who fill out the contact form and leave their email address for response. Use it to provide the estimated response time or encourage further action on a website.

GetSiteControl Success page Success page

Success page settings define what happens with the widget when someone fills out the form and clicks the “Send” button. You can automatically close the form, provide additional information, or redirect a visitor to another page

GetSiteControl Easy-to-read statistics Easy-to-read statistics

Stats are crucial to make data-driven marketing decisions. Seeing which contact form performs better and on which pages your website visitors ask questions the most may help you see content optimization opportunities.

GetSiteControl Audience targeting Audience targeting

Choose the parameters that define who will see your WordPress contact form. Customize messages based on the page, your audience’s language and location, and whether they are new or returning visitors on your website.

GetSiteControl Behavior triggers Behavior triggers

Sometimes displaying a contact form instantly may not be the best strategy. Instead, you can set up on-page behavior triggers and show the widget after a visitor spends some time on a page, scrolls down, or decides to leave your website.

GetSiteControl A/B testing A/B testing

The easy-to-use split testing tool allows you to create up to 5 versions of the same contact form with different positions, color themes or CTAs. Display them to different audience segments simultaneously to choose the most efficient one.

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