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Build a list of subscribers who want to hear from you

Growing an audience is utterly important, and you don’t need us to tell you that. But how can you make sure your opt-in forms are displayed to the right crowd? We have several tools for that. Instead of randomly showing generic email popups, show them to the visitors who are clearly interested in what you offer. Choose among time-delayed and scroll based triggers, experiment with exit-intent, UTM targeting, and different webpage positions.

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Increase product sales, webinar signups, app downloads

A proper WordPress email subscription form can become your lead generation powerhouse. Offer lead magnets and discounts to encourage visitors to move through the sales funnel. Integrate Getsitecontrol forms with your email marketing software and build multiple lists for various campaigns you’ll run in the future.

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Prevent website and cart abandonment

High abandonment rates are annoying, but there is a way to reduce them. Use the exit-intent technology to take a chance on the visitors who were about to exit. Offer them a strong incentive in exchange for a sign-up. Include unique content, free shipping, or anything else you think may stop people from leaving your website. Not only will you collect their addresses, but also convert some of them into customers.

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Getsitecontrol's intuitive subscription form makes it easy to share our ebook and get more email subscribers at the same time. It's exactly what I needed for the AllTopStartups after trying a few I found some months back. It's professional, simple and effective.

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Thomas Oppong
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WordPress email subscription form

Getsitecontrol Exit-intent popups Exit-intent popups

The famous exit-intention technology will become your best friend if you use it right. Display clear CTAs and irresistible offers right before your visitors leave a webpage to convert them into subscribers, lower bounce rates, and possibly even increase sales.

Getsitecontrol Precise targeting settings Precise targeting settings

Opt-in forms adjusted to the pages they are displayed on bring higher conversions. Customize popups for selected pages, target new and returning visitors differently, and show widgets based on the visitors’ country, language, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters.

Getsitecontrol Smart display triggers Smart display triggers

Your visitors are more likely to convert into subscribers if an email form is displayed after they get familiar with your content. Use time-delayed forms, scroll-depth based and exit-intention triggers or create a detailed schedule for any widget.

Getsitecontrol Handcrafted templates Handcrafted templates

Easily create widgets that will perfectly match the design of your website and help you achieve a wide variety of marketing goals. For every situation, there is a set of ready-made templates that will help you to achieve tangible results in a short time.

Getsitecontrol Mobile friendliness Mobile friendliness

Your mobile audience is as important as those coming from desktop devices. Use the built-in mobile view editing mode to adapt widgets to smaller screens and maintain great user experience.

Getsitecontrol Email form customization Email form customization

Use templates as they are or customize your email subscription form to match the look and feel of your website. Adjust colors and sizes, upload your own image or pick one from our extensive gallery, write a unique copy to reach for your audience — it's totally up to you.

Getsitecontrol Autoresponder feature Autoresponder feature

Autoresponder is an easy way to send a subscription confirmation, deliver a lead magnet, or encourage further actions. You can quickly create a short message that will be delivered automatically to anyone who signs up to your newsletter.

Getsitecontrol Detailed statistics Detailed statistics

Getsitecontrol reports help you make data-based decisions about your list building strategy. You’ll be able to see how efficient your WordPress subscriptions forms are, which page brings more conversions, and where your subscribers are located.

Getsitecontrol Split testing Split testing

A/B tests are the ultimate way to optimize email sign up conversions. Display several versions of the same subscription form to random website visitors to see which variable affects the subscription rates the most: your CTA, creative or copy.

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