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Create quick polls and rating scales when you need to keep a survey short and simple. Explore
multi-page surveys, skip logic, and audience targeting to conduct in-depth research.

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Create exit-intent website survey forms

A survey that pops up right before a visitor exits is the swiss army knife of surveys. It will help to reduce your website’s bounce rate and get an outside perspective on user experience. Use exit surveys to find out why people abandon particular pages without taking any action, ask them to evaluate your website and share their thoughts before leaving.

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Use a WordPress questionnaire plugin to collect user feedbackSee live preview →

Collect feedback from customers & employees

Successful business owners collect feedback on an ongoing basis – that includes insights from prospects, customers, and team members. To do so, a WordPress survey plugin is essential. Employ Getsitecontrol to measure customer satisfaction, evaluate new product performance, conduct preliminary research and make data-driven decisions.

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Use WordPress survey form plugin to capture emails

Targeted surveys are great for building email lists, and you can automate the workflow by connecting Getsitecontrol to your email marketing software. Place surveys on selected pages, target new or returning visitors depending on your goals and send automated messages to everyone who fills out the form to encourage further actions.

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Exit intent surveys can be game changers. We placed one on the page where website visitors were dropping out the most and within several days, we were able to identify the reason of webpage abandonment. The responses helped us quickly come up with an optimization idea. As a result – a 5% conversion rate increase right after implementation.

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Here is what it takes to create
a great contact form widget

Getsitecontrol Use handcrafted templates Use handcrafted templates

Easily create widgets that will perfectly match the design of your website and help you achieve a wide variety of marketing goals. For every situation, there is a set of ready-made templates that will help you to achieve tangible results in a short time.

Getsitecontrol Customize survey forms Customize survey forms

The appearance and the level of complexity can be customized for every survey you create. Change its colors, placement, and functionality. Make use of templates and various field types to publish plain polls, star rating scales, or multi-page surveys.

Getsitecontrol Opt in for mobile view Opt in for mobile view

Surveying mobile audience is as easy as engaging with your desktop visitors. Simply switch the editor tab to mobile view while creating the survey form and adjust its appearance to smaller screens by changing the size and the image.

Getsitecontrol Send auto-replies Send auto-replies

If a survey includes an email capturing field, you can add responders to the list of subscribers and send automated responses after they fill out the form. Use the latter to thank them for participating, promoting your content, or encouraging further actions.

Getsitecontrol Publish multi-page surveys Publish multi-page surveys

Break down long surveys into multiple pages. Ask as many questions as you need to conduct more in-depth research and analyze responses with automatically built charts. Include email capture fields or CTA buttons at the end of the survey.

Getsitecontrol Get real-time statistics Get real-time statistics

See how many times a form has been seen, closed, and interacted with. Reports are downloaded in an .xlsx file and provide extensive info about the responders including their location, IP, browser, device, and the page where they participated in your survey.

Getsitecontrol Choose the after-interaction Choose the after-interaction

Use flexible settings to determine what happens after someone fills out a survey. Show them a “Thank you” message, take them to another URL, simply close the widget or even show another one! This feature comes in handy for delivering lead magnets and gated content.

Getsitecontrol Use targeting & triggers Use targeting & triggers

If you don’t want to survey 100% of your audience, use behavior triggers & targeting. The latter helps you show the form based on visitors’ location, device, referrals, and more. The former displays a survey based on exit intention, scroll depth, or the time spent on a page.

Getsitecontrol Integrate a 3rd party app Integrate a 3rd party app

Connect your WordPress survey plugin to any popular email marketing software right from the dashboard, integrate it with Google Analytics Events to track widget performance, or use pre-configured Zapier connections with 1000+ web apps.

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