Encourage visitors to take
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WordPress widgets

Imagine having a single plugin for building email subscription forms, website surveys, contact buttons, CTA popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and more.

 popup widget for website

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Thomas Oppong

GetSiteControl's intuitive subscription form makes it easy to share our ebook and get more email subscribers at the same time. It's exactly what I needed for the AllTopStartups after trying a few I found some months back. It's professional, simple and effective.

AllTopStartups Founder

Create custom WordPress widgets
for the most crucial marketing goals

GetSiteControl Capture email leads Capture email leads

Collect emails using 4 different widgets: WordPress email subscription forms, surveys, contact forms, and a live chat. Display widgets to visitors based on their location, language, referral source, on-page behavior, exit-intention and more.

GetSiteControl Provide technical & sales support Provide technical & sales support

Use GetSiteControl to allow your prospects to choose the most convenient way of communication. Whether you need a regular contact us button, a callback form, or a WordPress live chat widget – we've got you covered.

GetSiteControl Boost up product sales Boost up product sales

Emphasize your unique selling points and display current deals using popups to increase conversion rates. Offer coupons and free shipping in exchange for an email and prevent cart abandonment with the exit-intent technology.

GetSiteControl Display important information Display important information

Use our WordPress popup plugin to display modals, slide-ins drive your visitors’ attention to new blog content, special deals, landing pages, website news, and updates. Use targeted popups, slide-ins, and floating bars to make sure your calls-to-action get seen by your audience.

GetSiteControl Conduct website surveys Conduct website surveys

Utilize WordPress surveys to learn more about your audience and make data-driven strategy decisions. Based on your goals, you can choose short polls, rating scales, skip logic questionnaires and website exit surveys.

GetSiteControl Collect user feedback Collect user feedback

Create a channel for website visitors to share their opinion about your products, services, and marketing decisions. Add WordPress contact and feedback forms, ask specific questions with online polls, suggest them rating the website right before exiting.

WordPress widgets on your website

Lightbox popup widget for WordPress

Modal popups

The most efficient, proven way to grab visitors’ attention. And when used right, it’s the highest converting widget too. Try time-delayed triggers to display email subscription popups and your most irresistible offers or use the exit-intent technology to stop website abandonment.

Side slide-in WordPress widget

Unobtrusive slide-ins

A less distracting yet still eye-catching type of WordPress widgets that slide in from the lower right or the lower left corner of a webpage. This option is perfect for time- and scroll-based subscription forms, surveys, and website notifications.

Floating notification bar widgets for a WordPress website

Floating bars

Sticky bars at the top or the bottom of a webpage always stay in sight even when a visitor is scrolling down the page. Use floating bars to collect emails, offer assistance, encourage visitors to participate in a survey, or announce any website updates including your cookie policy.

Bottom panels are the most popular widgets for placing a contact us form or a live chat

Bottom panels

A tab placed in the right bottom corner of a page is the most popular widget type for a “Contact us” form and a live chat. Moreover, most website visitors already expect it to be there. Use this solution to provide a convenient way of communication they’re familiar with.

GetSiteControl floating button widget for WordPress

Side buttons

Compact buttons can be locked on either side of a webpage and stay in sight as a visitor scrolls down. They are absolutely non-distractive and open a full-featured form once clicked on. This is a great way to suggest taking a short poll or leaving feedback.

Get your WordPress widgets up and
running within minutes

GetSiteControl widgets installation process for WordPress

Easy no-code installation

GetSiteControl is a cloud application, and all you need to connect it to your website is install the dedicated plugin from the WordPress directory. No coding or special knowledge required – everything is set up and maintained from a single dashboard.

Install widgets on WordPress

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