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Grow your audience with a set of Blogger widgets: email subscription forms,
contact and feedback tabs, online surveys, notification bars and popups.

Getsitecontrol Get email subscribers Get email subscribers

Use an intuitive form builder to create beautiful email subscription forms that fit the style of your blog. Increase signup rates by offering content upgrades and using exit-intent technology. Integrate the form with email marketing software of your choice to automate list building workflow.

Getsitecontrol Encourage leaving feedback Encourage leaving feedback

Collect questions and ideas from your audience on an ongoing basis with Blogger widgets by Getsitecontrol. Add a floating contact form, ask to share suggestions and participate in polls. Get notified about each new form submission and be able to respond directly from your inbox.

Getsitecontrol Reduce webpage abandonment Reduce webpage abandonment

Try exit-intent technology to lower bounce rate on your website and engage with the visitors right before they exit. Place a survey widget to ask why they are leaving, suggest subscribing to your blog, or offer an incentive to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers.

Getsitecontrol Promote your content Promote your content

Make sure your website visitors don’t miss important information and updates. Place eye-catching sticky bars to announce news sitewide, create call-to-action popups to lead readers to another page, recommend related content on select pages using scroll-triggered slide-ins.

Getsitecontrol Conduct blog surveys Conduct blog surveys

Install a survey widget to your Blogger website to learn more about your audience. Add a star rating scale to a newly published article to see how helpful it was for the readers. Ask them to choose your next topic or find out how they discover your blog in the first place.

Getsitecontrol Increase website conversions Increase website conversions

Make use of the comprehensive settings to get more downloads, webinar registrations, product or service sales. Set up on-page behavior triggers to display widgets to the most engaged visitors, target select readers with special deals, use A/B tests and real-time statistics to optimize performance.

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Easy-to-use Blogger widgets

Custom Blogger widgets to collect email subscriptionsSee live preview →

Email subscription forms

Grow your email list fast by converting more visitors into subscribers. Customize your signup forms design and the way they appear on a webpage. Implement content upgrades to increase subscription rates, create an autoresponder message to encourage further actions, and connect your forms to any popular email marketing software.

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Contact form popups for Blogger websitesSee live preview →

Contact forms for Blogger

Benefit from one of our most popular Blogger widgets and install a versatile contact form to your website. Have it as a floating side button, a tab at the bottom corner of a page. Choose one of the pre-configured templates or build the form from scratch adding custom fields. Get notified about new submissions instantly via email.

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Blogger widgets to conduct surveysSee live preview →

Custom blog surveys

Run brief feedback collection campaigns or conduct in-depth research using survey forms on your Blogger website. Based on your goals, you can publish star rating popups, create simple polls, or build multi-page questionnaires. Display them when a visitor scrolls down page content, performs an action or navigates to exit.

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Announcement popups for BloggerSee live preview →

Popups and sticky bars

Create popups, slide-ins, and floating bars with the design matching your blog and eye-catching CTA buttons leading to select pages. Use them as notification banners, website abandonment prevention, and a way to increase reader engagement with your content. Personalize messages based on the page widgets appear on and the audience they are displayed to.

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Getsitecontrol Email marketing apps Email marketing apps

Connect email capture forms to the email marketing tool you’re using and send new subscribers directly to the selected lists.

Getsitecontrol Zapier cloud solutions Zapier cloud solutions

Make use of numerous Zapier integrations available. Choose among 1000+ app connections you can use your Blogger widgets with.

Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

Integrate Getsitecontrol with Google Analytics in one click and view interaction statistics under a new event category.

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