How to get blog followers and subscribers with these 6 types of popups [UPDATED]

How to get blog followers and subscribers with these 6 types of popups [UPDATED]
Ksenia Borisova
Ksenia Borisova on May 14, 2019 7 min read

Before we begin, a quick note — all the popup examples you will see in this post are created using Getsitecontrol. It’s a tool that helps you add smart webpage popups to get more blog followers and subscribers. The cute owls are also included 🦉

Growing an audience is not an easy task. But thanks to the experience of thousands of successful bloggers, we don’t have to invent the wheel when there are so many proven ways to do that. In this post, we are going to focus on one of the key techniques every aspiring blogger should know about. We are going to talk about popups and how they can easily help your blog grow.

There are different kinds of blogs, of course, so the details may vary depending on what you write about and who your readers are. However, no matter what type of blog you have – a personal blog, a business blog, a professional blog – we are sure you want more readers. That's one common goal of every blogger – attract more readers, build a community, and get more blog followers.

Below we’ll show you six types of website popups that will help with just that. You’ll see how to increase engagement with your content, get more views and traffic, and attract subscribers.

1. Email newsletter subscription popup

How to use popups on your blog to get more fans and followers

It's common practice to invite your blog readers to subscribe to your email newsletter. You have probably noticed that many bloggers choose to use opt-in popups to collect emails on their blog. The reason popup lead forms are so popular is very simple — they work.

However, you do need to put some thought into creating your popup opt-in form.

Here are a few tips for you to start

  • It should match your website design and look good. There is no need to compromise your website's appearance for the sake of email leads.
  • The form should have the right incentive. What is it your readers will get if they subscribe? What's the value for them? It can be unique content that they can't get anywhere else, it can be an e-book or a downloadable report, it can even be a chance to win something. Always remember that the wording is very important and can greatly affect the popup's CTR.
  • The popup should appear at the right moment. In most cases, you don't want to show it as soon as someone opens the page. They don't yet know what your blog is about, right? There are several options you can use to avoid this: delayed popups that appear after a certain time period, scroll-triggered popups, exit popups, popups targeted to returning visitors only, popups displayed on selected pages only. To choose the right scenario, think about how visitors behave when they visit your blog. If you are not sure, you can always run an A/B test to see which behavior gets the best results.
  • Consider adding an autoresponder email to thank your readers for subscribing, send links to useful resources or a link to download the promised content.

You can use the email subscription widget to create a perfect lead generation popup for your blog.

2. Announce giveaways and contests

How to use popups on your blog to get more fans and followers

Giveaways and contests are a great way to get new blog followers. Everyone loves freebies, so it won’t take you much effort to encourage your visitors to enter their email addresses or follow your blog on social media. Once you build that list of contacts, you can add them to the email marketing software of your choice and use for the future newsletters.

And here is how popups can help you get the most out of the promotion you came up with. If you organize giveaways or contests for your blog readers, you need to make sure as many of them know about the current promotion as possible. You will, of course, promote the giveaway or contest on social media and we will talk about this in a bit. But you do need to make sure that every person who visits your blog knows about the giveaway. Popups are perfect for this task!

Create an eye-catching popup with a matching image and a link to the page where readers can enter the giveaway.

Pro tip

Since most giveaway and contests run for a limited time, you need to make sure your popup disappears when the promotion ends. You can use the scheduler to choose the exact date on which your popup needs to stop appearing.

To create a popup promoting a contest or giveaway, use one of Getsitecontrol website popups.

3. Get more people sharing your content on social media

How to use popups on your blog to get more fans and followers

Social media is an indispensable tool for any blogger who wants to grow their audience, so make sure sharing your blog content is as easy as possible. Social media 'Share' buttons should be easily accessible on every blog post, of course. But you can also use additional tools to suggest sharing on social media. Readers do not always remember that sharing on social media is an option – especially with the short attention span we know most Internet users have. Remind them with a fun popup! You can use the popup to tell your audience how important their shares are to you (maybe with a classic 'Sharing is caring'). You can also explain why their friends and followers on social media will find your content useful.

Pro tip

Pay attention to which social networks you include. Giving too many options is not always a good idea and can actually stop people from taking action. Make sure you only include social networks that are important to you and relevant to your blog.

How to use popups on your blog to get more fans and followers

Do you have super popular blog posts that get the most attention and engagement? Do you want to highlight a particular post published some time ago? Do you want to attract more attention to the latest content published on your blog? You can do all of this with a promotional popup. Think of it as an ad for the content you feel might get you blog followers – and make sure your visitors don’t miss it. Your custom popup should include an enticing copy and a clear call to action showing why another post is worth readers’ attention.

Pro tip

The promotional popup can be set up as scroll-triggered or time-delayed, but you can also experiment with website exit popups that will be shown just before visitors leave the page. This is a great time to show a 'Have you seen this?' popup with a link to something cool visitors might have missed.

Use website popups to promote your blog posts.

5. Promote your social media profiles

How to use popups on your blog to get more fans and followers

These days blogging and social media go hand-in-hand. And if you want to grow your blog audience, you should definitely put some effort into promoting your social media accounts because that’s where some of your potential readers may discover your blog. For instance, if your existing followers start liking, commenting, and sharing the content you publish on social media, chances are, their friends might see it as well. At least that’s what we know about modern feed algorithms. Besides, it’s probably the most convenient way to quickly notify your followers about new content published on the blog.

To put it short, growing your community on social media is as important as getting subscribers. So, if you have a YouTube channel, an Instagram page or a Facebook group you are putting your time and effort into maintaining, invite your blog readers to follow you and stay connected to your audience through social media.

6. Survey your readers to get content ideas

Knowing your audience is crucial because it helps you build a better strategy for your blog. And even if you’re just a beginner receiving few daily visits, your first readers’ opinion is quite a valuable resource you shouldn’t ignore. In fact, if you’re wondering how to get more blog followers, you should first figure out how to keep those who have already discovered your blog. And this is why it’s so important. Eliminating all the guesswork and writing more of what they want to read about will entice your visitors to return to your blog, subscribe to updates, and share your content. Need we say that’s a fantastic exposure opportunity?

Here is how you can communicate with your blog visitors and ask them what they think: create simple survey popups.

Survey popup for blog visitors communication

You may start small and just ask your readers to rate your content. Thus, you’ll get a better idea of which articles are favored more by the audience and why. Star rating survey widgets are perfect for this task, plus they require minimum effort from your readers. If you have a few topic or article ideas already, you can use surveys to validate them with the audience. Once you find out what they are most interested in, you can set the writing priorities – meanwhile, your readers will see that their opinion is heard and valued.

Pro tip

You probably don’t want to survey those who have accidentally landed on your blog for a couple of seconds, as that may provide you with misleading results. So, instead of showing the survey at once to every single blog visitor, set up targeting and on-page behavior settings to make sure you only ask the opinion of those who are clearly interested and engaged with your content.

For example, you can display a survey popup to the visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on a webpage or scrolled down 80% of the page (see the above-mentioned time-delayed and scroll-triggered popup settings). You can also show your survey to returning visitors only or those who have viewed at least two pages of your blog.

Wrapping up

And here are our six tips on how to get blog followers using various types of popups. Of course, you can’t grow your audience overnight, as there is a lot of work behind every blogger success story. But if you already have great content published online and you finally see some traction in the Visits tab of your analytics app, it may be time to use additional tools and amplify your strategy. Popups will be a great choice for this task because they can be so multifunctional.

Let us know what you think. Are you using subscription forms or social media buttons on your blog already? Have you thought of surveying your readers? Do share your experience with popups – we’d love to hear from you!

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