The Ultimate Collection of Holiday Website Banners for Ecommerce

The Ultimate Collection of Holiday Website Banners for Ecommerce
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Nov 6, 2023 —  13 min read

If you own an ecommerce brand, you know how stressful holiday sales can be.

You need to prepare discount offers, roll out holiday bundles, craft a bunch of emails, and schedule social media posts for who knows how many platforms.

To help you out, we’ve designed a special collection of pop-up holiday website banners. They will add the festive spirit to your store and drive the attention of your visitors to the offers you’ve prepared!

Add any of these popups to your website and let them do the work announcing sales, upselling, cross-selling, getting people to join your email list, promoting coupons and gift cards.

Whether you’re selling on Shopify, WordPress, Bigcommerce, or any other platform, Getsitecontrol helps you add these popups to any website in a few minutes without coding.

Sounds good? Then feel free to jump straight to the holiday you need to prepare for:

1. Holiday website banners for Christmas

Winter holidays are one of the busiest seasons for online stores, and there’s a lot you might need to communicate.

On the one hand, you want to help customers have a stress-free gift shopping experience. On the other hand, you want to keep them informed about your holiday shipping schedule, working hours, and discounts.

Below, we’ll peek at some of our best Christmas website banners.

Christmas sale announcement

Your Christmas sale is on? Hurry up and let your customers know about it! Use an eye-catching modal popup to feature the details of your sale and drive visitors to the right page.

Prefer having a horizontal banner instead? Consider using this template 👇

Like every template on our list, these bars are fully customizable. Once you add them to the Getsitecontrol dashboard, you can easily change their design and set the button to perform the task you need, such as:

Limited-time coupon promotion

Running a 12 Days of Christmas promo campaign? Then you have new deals to announce every day. Here is a perfect pop-up banner that will do the job:

The coupon code button brings a built-in copy-to-clipboard feature, so your customers will be able to copy the discount code by clicking it and paste the code at checkout. Read a detailed setup tutorial here.

Free shipping & returns policy

Ask anyone, and you’ll hear that product shipping price and timing are among the biggest concerns during gift shopping. Notify customers of your shipping and returns policy, store schedule, and contact information using this popup:

💡 You can even mention the last dates to order products from you to make sure they arrive on or before December 24th.

Pop-up product recommendation

Want to increase your AOV during the holidays? Upselling and cross-selling are the best ways to achieve that goal. Use pop-up product recommendations to promote your best-sellers, get rid of the slow-moving stock, and suggest related products.

You can use the action button to lead customers to a specific product page or, if you’re on Shopify, let buyers add the recommended product straight to the shopping cart upon click.

Gift card promotion

Of all gift options, sometimes a gift card is the best one. Remind your store visitors that you’re selling gift cards and help them navigate using one of our dedicated popups.

To implement this scenario, you need to have a dedicated gift card page on your website and lead your customers directly to that page, so they can choose the desired option.

💡 If you’re on Shopify, you can let buyers add a gift card to the shopping cart with a button click.

Gift collection filter

December is the month for last-minute holiday shopping. Help your customers find the right gifts for their loved ones faster using a “gift navigator” that slides in from the side of the screen:

Filters like this one are easy to replicate: all you need is to assign product collection URLs to the buttons. Read a detailed guide here.

Cheerful email sign-up form

The holiday season is a great time to grow your email list. Place a festive email subscription form on your website and get a chance to increase your revenue in the long run by using properly targeted email marketing campaigns.

To incentivize people to join your list, you can offer a discount, a free shipping coupon, or even a downloadable PDF with a gift guide.

Wondering how you can deliver the promised incentive? Use a submission success page or the autoresponder feature.

2. Holiday website banners for St Valentine’s Day

Over half of adults celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in the U.S. alone, making it one of the top five biggest consumer spending holidays. Here are a few popups that will help you boost store sales on the cusp of the most romantic day of the year, even if you’re not selling chocolates.

Product filter

It’s a common practice to welcome store visitors with a gift filter during the holiday sale. Filters help narrow the search and make a decision faster. Besides, they’re so versatile! For instance, you can create a filter based on the price range, gift receiver, product type, or theme.

Implementing a filter like this one is easy regardless of the website platform you’re using. All you need to do is create gift collection pages and assign their URLs to the button clicks. Read a more detailed guide here.

Special collection promo

Have a collection of products that are perfect for the Valentine’s Day celebration? Feature it in your Valentine’s Day email campaign as well as on a website banner. This way, you’ll make sure you’ve reached both email subscribers and website visitors who might not be on your list.

Product recommendation

We often see product recommendations as upsells, but when done properly, they can also be a way to show that you care about your customers’ experience. Want to avoid looking salesy? Then only show product suggestions that are relevant both to the occasion and the item a customer has already added to their shopping cart.

💡 With Getsitecontrol, you can show product recommendations right in the shopping cart, during checkout, or even on a product page after a customer has added a related item to the cart.

Bundle promotion

No matter what you’re selling, St. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to promote bundles and let customers build a better gift for their loved ones. Besides, nothing sounds better for a gift hunter than a good bundle paired with a discount!

If you don’t have the time to prepare new pages featuring all your bundles, display pop-up product recommendations based on the items added to the cart, and advertise them as a perfect match.

Gift card promo

For 17-20% of Americans, gift cards are the gift of choice. Let customers know you’re selling gift cards in your store and make it easy for them to make a purchase.

💡 Here is another idea. You can use lower amount gift cards as incentives and give them to your customers for free when they reach a minimum order requirement.

BOGO sale

Around Valentine’s Day, the popular BOGO (Buy One Get One) concept transforms into the “Share Love” concept as brands encourage buyers to get two favorite products for the price of one. You can use this trend to promote some of your slow-selling items.

Make sure to explain how the BOGO sale works in your store, and whether a customer needs to add one or two items to the shopping cart to make use of the offer.

3. Holiday website banners for Easter

A good old tradition suggests we should dedicate the week before Easter to spring cleaning. If you own an online store, it means one thing: clearance deals. Ready to start marking prices down? Here are 3 popups designed to help you announce the biggest spring sale in your store.

Clearance announcement

Greet your store visitors with a clearance announcement that’s impossible to miss. Use this pre-designed sticky bar to feature your best deals or mention which product categories are on sale.

This template is incredibly easy to customize. Click the template to add it to your dashboard and change both the image and copy to make it a better match for your store.

Easter sale coupon

If your approach to the Easter sale is to create a coupon that will work on all items or items from a certain collection, popups are the easiest way to promote that coupon 👇

There are two scenarios you can follow here. First, you can add an easy-to-remember coupon code right to the description on the popup. Second, you can feature the coupon code on the button and let customers copy it with a click.

Irresistible BOGO offer

BOGO is one of the most popular ways to move slow-selling items. If you’re running a BOGO campaign for products in a certain category or of a certain brand, place a banner on selected pages to encourage those interested in these categories to make a purchase.

Ready to take the BOGO offer to the next level? Consider other variations, such as ‘Buy one, get one 50% off’ or ‘Buy one, get two for free’ promo. The latter is typically applicable to products from the same category, and the customers only need to pay for the highest-priced item.

4. Holiday website banners for Mother’s Day

In most countries, Mother’s Day is a huge, long-awaited holiday. Consumer retail spending tends to spike weeks ahead, as people start looking for a perfect gift for their loved ones. Let’s have a look at the popups you can use to help your customers navigate through offers.

Mother’s Day sale announcement

As Mother’s Day starts approaching, you want to let your customers know you’ve prepared great deals they shouldn’t miss 👇

Use this template to announce the ongoing sale, feature your special offer, or promote a coupon code customers can use at checkout.

Gift collection for moms

Gift-shopping can be exhausting. Create a gift collection to help your visitors navigate through the store and avoid being overwhelmed with too many options.

With a little bit of customization, you can use this template to promote a single gift collection page, create a pop-up product filter, or drive people to your blog post featuring the best gift categories for moms.

Free delivery for Mother’s Day

Are you planning to provide free delivery for Mother’s Day? Your customers will surely appreciate that! Let them know what the order deadline is if they want to receive the package on time.

Want to know a trick? While setting up any holiday banner from the Getsitecontrol collection, you can choose a schedule for when exactly it should be displayed on your website, including specific dates and even hours.

Limited-time discount offer

If you have a special offer on a particular product or collection, add a promo popup to the relevant pages and specify the details.

Want to increase sales? Use the sense of urgency to compel customers to purchase faster.

Gift-wrapping offer

The gift-wrapping add-on isn’t new. Most large retailers have been offering it (and profiting from it) for years, so why not take a page from their book? For example, you can display a suggestion like this one whenever a customer adds a new product to the cart:

You can do two things: offer gift-wrapping as a paid service or offer it for free with a minimum order. The latter is one of the most commonly-used upselling tactics, you can read more about them in this blog post.

Gift card promotion

Did we say gift shopping can be exhausting? Right. So why not make it easier for your customers and suggest getting a gift card? For many, having this option is a huge time saver.

Ideally, you want to have a dedicated page promoting gift cards in your store and use a popup to drive customers to that page. However, if you’re on Shopify, you can allow for adding gift cards to the cart straight upon button click.

5. Holiday website banners for Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is among the biggest holidays when it comes to consumer retail spending? You may think that only candy or spooky decor stores can benefit from this holiday, but this is far from reality. Most major retailers use the festive spirit in the air to promote their sales. So can you!

To help you come up with a spooktacular idea, we’ve designed a dedicated gallery of popups. Here are 5 of our favorite examples.

Halloween collection promo

Have a special collection for Halloween? Terrific! Let your store visitors know about it and help them navigate to the right page using a pop-up announcement:

Keep in mind that you can easily change the image by uploading one of your product pictures or selecting a new one from the stock photo gallery.

Limited-time promo coupon

Here is the truth: no matter what you’re selling, most visitors will expect special offers around Halloween. Even if you aren’t planning to launch a major promo campaign or special collection, you can make do with a flash sale or a discount that will be valid for just a day or two.

A white or black sticky bar will look neutral and match most website themes. However, you can easily change the color theme to anything you want, once the widget is in your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

Shipping deadline reminder

Like with other holidays, timely shipping is crucial on Halloween. To emphasize the importance of placing orders in advance you can publish your delivery schedule and last-minute shopping reminders as the 31st of October starts approaching.

💡 If you can, follow Amazon’s example and offer faster, more expensive shipping to those in a hurry.

Halloween-themed product promo

If you have a low-cost product that aligns with the Halloween theme, you can promote it using pop-up recommendations:

If you’re on Shopify, let customers add the product to the cart within a button click. If you’re using any other ecommerce platform, drive customers to the corresponding product page, so they can select the desired size, color, or flavor.

Spooky email signup form

Email list building is a challenging year-round task, and we all know that some people just close email subscription popups reflexively because they tend to look the same. Well, here is one solution to the problem: a spooky email form that will surely make your visitors smile and consider subscribing.

If you can provide a first-purchase discount or a gift in exchange for the email address, your chances to land new subscribers double. Even if you make little to no profit on the first sale, you may be able to regain it through email marketing and upselling later. Remember: acquiring a new customer is times more expensive than converting an existing one.

6. Website banners for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two craziest days for ecommerce. Unprecedented discounts drive people to online stores like magnets, and many use this opportunity to start their holiday gift shopping.

Here are a few popups that might come in handy and help your increase engagement during the BF-CM sale. See the entire gallery here.

VIP sale newsletter signup

Some people know what they’re going to buy on Black Friday months before the sale approaches. Now, what do these people often do? They start visiting their target stores weeks in advance to build their wish lists. Use this consumer behavior trend to encourage shoppers to join your holiday newsletter:

If you’re offering an additional discount or early access to your BF sale in exchange for an email, make sure to keep that promise. Add new subscribers to a separate list, and when the time comes, send them the incentive in a separate newsletter.

Black Friday coupon promotion

As long as you’re ready to provide a significant discount, coupon promo popups work like a charm. Use them to remind visitors you’re running a huge sale, encourage those on the fence to make a purchase, or prevent them from leaving the website.

This template comes with the ‘Copy to clipboard’ feature applied. This means you’ll be able to assign any text or coupon code to the button so that customers can copy it with a click and paste at checkout.

Pop-up product recommendation

As a business owner, you know which products in your store are the most desirable ones (hint: customers buy, view, and add them to their wish lists more often than others). Why not feature these products with a pop-up recommendation to show they’re on sale?

This template is designed to let customers add a product to the shopping cart upon button click. However, you can also use the button to lead customers to the product page and let them select the desired color, size, or model.

Best-selling items promo

If you’ve put together a collection of best-selling items, a pop-up announcement like this one can be a perfect gateway that will invite your store visitors to check it out.

This holiday website banner works exceptionally well for driving traffic to flash sales, limited collections, clearance sales, and seasonal deals.

Cyber Monday deals

There’s no way to forget about Cyber Monday when we’re talking about Black Friday, right? So, of course, we’ve prepared a handful of dedicated popups for the most geek-friendly sale of the year.

You can also just grab any other template in the gallery and change the copy to turn it into a Cyber Monday deal promo!

BOGO offer

Let’s face it: some (many) merchants are waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get rid of the slow-moving stock, among other reasons. Now, what are some of the most efficient tactics to achieve this goal? That’s right: upsells, cross-sells, and BOGO deals

Now, while this template is relatively generic, you can easily adjust it to your needs. For example, if you’re on Shopify, you can set the button to add a coupon code and a selected product to the cart at the same time.

Are you ready to launch your holiday sale?

If you got this far, you must have a handful of ideas for your next holiday sale! Remember that unlike typical holiday banners, Getsitecontrol popups require zero coding or design knowledge from you. You’ll be able to add them to your website within half an hour and, most importantly, tailor them to your needs, edit the content at any moment even after publishing, and track performance stats in real-time.

Want to learn more about the installation process? Read this step-by-step guide.

Got any questions? Shoot us an email at or join our Slack channel

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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