How to create an email template

Getsitecontrol allows you to create emails and send them to your contacts as a part of automated workflows or broadcasts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create, save, and reuse email templates.

Create a template

You can save any email as a template directly from the email editor.

Once your email is ready, click the Save template button in the top-left corner:

Saving the email as a template

At this point, you can create a new template, in which case you’ll enter a name for it, or you can replace an existing template by selecting it from the list of your templates.

Reuse a template

You can use previously saved templates when creating emails for broadcasts or automations.

In the tooltip popup, select Reuse my emails, and proceed to select the necessary template from the gallery:

You can use the template as is or tailor it for your current campaign.

If you encounter any difficulties with email templates or anything else, do not hesitate to contact our Tech Support team.

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