How to use email broadcasts

Email broadcasts allow you to send an email to your subscribers in bulk. You can use broadcasts to let people know about an ongoing promo, a new product or collection launch, the return of a beloved product in stock, and any other piece of news you’d like to share with your audience.

You can craft your email and send it immediately, or schedule it for a specific date and time.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the creation and launch of your first email broadcast, and show you all the options this feature offers.

1. Create the broadcast

For starters, log in to your Getsitecontrol account and switch to the Broadcasts tab.

The Broadcasts section of the Getsitecontrol dashboard

Next, click + Create broadcast.

2. Select the recipients

From the broadcast main screen, click + Add condition.

The + Add condition link in the broadcast main screen

The following menu with the available conditions will open:

The conditions menu

From this menu, you can choose the conditions that your contacts need to meet to be included in the broadcast. If you don’t select any conditions, the broadcast will be sent to everyone in your contact list.

Let’s briefly discuss each condition.


Use this condition if you want to target contacts who have certain tags. To learn more about assigning tags to your contacts, watch our video tutorial.


Use this condition to target contacts who belong to specific segments in your database. To learn more about audience segmentation, read this dedicated article on our blog.

Marketing status

There are two marketing statuses in this menu: subscribed and unsubscribed. Use this condition if you need to target those who’re subscribed to your newsletters or those who’ve unsubscribed from your emails, separately.

Email address

Your contacts’ emails have to match/partially match/not match a particular value to be included in the broadcast. For example, this condition can exclude your company email domain from the email broadcast, or exclude other email domains, like,, etc.

Phone number

Your contacts’ phone numbers have to match/partially match/not match a specific value to be included in the broadcast. This condition can be used to target/exclude specific prefixes, for example.

First name

Your contacts’ first names need to match/partially match/not match a specific value to receive your email broadcast.

Last name

Your contacts’ last names need to match/partially match/not match a specific value to receive your email broadcast.


Your contacts need to be from a specific country or area to get your email.

❗The system retrieves the contact’s location from the Contacts section of the dashboard. The location displayed in the Contacts section might have been imported from a third party, detected by the widget that collected the contact, or entered manually.

It’s possible to assign more than one value to the same condition, for example to target contacts from several countries:

Targeting contacts from a list of countries

You can also combine different conditions to create a set:

Combining a Tag condition and a Marketing status condition

When the conditions are connected by an AND operator, all conditions must be true for the contact to be included in the broadcast.

When the conditions are connected by an OR operator, at least one condition must be fulfilled for the contact to be included in the broadcast.

Once you’ve selected the conditions in the Recipients section, it’s time to create your email.

3. Craft your email

To start crafting your email, click the + Create email link:

The ‘+ Create email’ link in the broadcast main screen

At this point, you’ll have three options to create your email:

The 3 methods to create an email: Start from scratch, Use premade emails, or Reuse my emails

Start from scratch

If you select Start from scratch, you’ll be working on a clean sheet: you’ll type your own copy and add visual elements to the email: images, CTA buttons, countdown timers, product cards, etc.

The Getsitecontrol email editor with a blank sheet

Here’s an example of an email broadcast created in Getsitecontrol:

Example of email created from scratch

Use premade emails

Premade emails are templates you can use as a base to save time when creating your own emails.

Getsitecontrol’s email template gallery

Premade emails are completely customizable.

Reuse my emails

The third option allows you to reuse an email you have previously created or a template you have saved.

The ‘Reuse my emails’ option

You’ll find an option to save your own emails as templates in the email editor:

The ‘Save template’ button in the email editor

You can reuse your emails and templates as they are or tailor them to your broadcast.

To learn more about crafting emails in Getsitecontrol, read our text guide.

Once you’re done editing your email and setting up the broadcast, click Save & close and move on to the next step.

4. Launch or schedule the broadcast

Сlick the Schedule button at the bottom of the broadcast card.

The ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom of the broadcast card

You can send the broadcast immediately or schedule it for a later date and time:

Scheduling the broadcast

At the bottom of the popup you’ll see how many emails will be sent with the broadcast and what your email balance is.

The number of emails that will be sent and the remaining email balance

When you are ready, hit Start broadcast and your broadcast will be sent to the recipients you have selected.

Do not hesitate to message us if you need help setting up your broadcast, our Tech Support team will be happy to assist you.

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