How to stylize your email body, header, and footer

Getsitecontrol allows you to create emails and send them to your contacts as a part of automated workflows or broadcasts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add a header and a footer to your emails and how to customize their overall appearance using the email editor.

Add a header to the email

The Header is the section at the very top of the email:

The header section and header settings in the email editor

It allows you to display your brand’s logo and a menu featuring links to your web pages.

For starters, add links to the header menu and upload your logo image:

Adding links and changing the default logo image

If necessary, adjust the size of the logo using the bar below. You can also assign a link to the click on the logo (optional).

Lastly, choose a layout for your menu links and a position for your logo.

Adjust the settings of the body block

The Body is the main block of the email and it contains most of the content.

The Body block and body settings in the email editor

Use the settings in the menu on the right to change the font and color theme of the body block. If it suits the aesthetic of the email, you can round the corners and add a border as well.

Lastly, adjust the margins and the paddings:

Margins and paddings of the body block

The Footer is the block below the body of the email. It allows for adding text as well as clickable social media icons:

The Footer and Footer settings in the email editor

Use the text area to display your company’s name and address (or any other text). Add your social media platforms with the corresponding links, and style the social media icons.

Lastly, align the content of the footer and choose a color for the text.

Adjust the Container settings

The container settings are common to the Header, the Footer, and all the elements in the +Insert menu (except text banners). They apply to the container of the element, not to the element itself.

The container settings allow you to coordinate the appearance of different elements and blocks in your email and achieve a cohesive and visually appealing result.

The Container settings in the email editor

Use the first control to set the width of the container. The container can be content-width, and take up only the central section of the email, leaving margins on the sides, or it can be full-width, and take up all the available space:

Applying the two different width options to the header

Set the radius of the container corners and choose which corners to round:

The ‘Radius’ control in the Container settings

Add a border to the container. You’ll also be able to set the border thickness (in pixels) and choose on which sides to show the border.

Adding a border to the container

The color palette allows you to choose the colors of the background and border of the container:

Choosing colors for the container

Lastly, adjust the top and bottom paddings of the container. Paddings are the space between the container's content and its borders:

The top and bottom padding controls

When you’re satisfied with the result, Save & close the email.

Should you need help creating or editing your emails, do not hesitate to reach out to our Tech Support team.

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