How to install widgets on Squarespace

How to install widgets on Squarespace

So you got yourself a stylish Squarespace website, and now you want to boost visitor engagement and collect emails. Squarespace widgets are a great way to achieve that!

As you probably know, the platform includes promotional popups and announcement bars as a Premium feature. These options are great, but they might not be sufficient for everyone.

If you need more customization possibilities, such as slide-ins, surveys, exit-intent popups, audience targeting, and more, you might want to add 3rd-party widgets to your Squarespace website.

Below, we’ll show you how to quickly add stylish popups, bars, slide-ins, panels, and sticky buttons to Squarespace using Getsitecontrol.

With Getsitecontrol, you’ll be able to create:

  • ✔️ various email subscription forms
  • ✔️ custom contact & feedback forms
  • ✔️ multi-page surveys and polls
  • ✔️ call-to-action popups and bars
  • ✔️ stylish sticky buttons

All the widgets can be fully customized in terms of how they look and work. And the best part? You’ll need zero coding or technical skills to do that.

How to add Getsitecontrol widgets to Squarespace website

Getsitecontrol is a form and popup builder designed with non-techies in mind. To make it work on your website, you need to add a small piece of code (script) into the code of the page. We’ll show you exactly how to do it in a minute.

The script needs to be added only once. That means once Getsitecontrol is connected to your website, you’ll be creating widgets in an intuitive dashboard and won’t need to deal with the code again.

Now, let’s go ahead and see how to install Getsitecontrol on your Squarespace website.

1. Sign in to Getsitecontrol

Sign in to your Getsitecontrol account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one and type your website address when prompted.

2. Copy the installation code

Click Install code at the top of your Getsitecontrol admin dashboard.

Getsitecontrol dashboard with the highlighted Install code link

You will see a short piece of code that you’ll need to add to the code of your website.

Modal window with a piece of code

Press the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the provided code.

3. Add the script to your site code

Log in to your Squarespace account, choose the website you’d like to add the code to, and click Settings in the left-hand side menu.

Squarespace control panel with the highlighted Settings menu item

Next, open the Advanced section and select the Code Injection option from the menu.

Squarespace control panel with the highlighted Advanced menu item

Squarespace control panel with the highlighted Code injection menu item

The Code Injection feature allows you to add code to the header, footer, lock page, and order confirmation page of your website. To install widgets on Squarespace, you need to add the script you’ve copied from your Getsitecontrol dashboard into the Footer box. Then click Save.

Getsitecontrol code added to the Code Injection section

That's it! You’ve connected Getsitecontrol to your website. Now you can log back into your Getsitecontrol account and create your first widget. Once ready, you’ll be able to publish it and track its real-time performance right there in the dashboard.

Next steps

Widgets can help you quickly build your email list, promote products and content, collect feedback, accept requests, and more. You can even add a neat cookie banner to your website!

If you don’t know what to start with, we suggest checking out Getsitecontrol usecases. They are broken down into categories based on the goal you’ll be able to achieve with the help of Squarespace widgets.

Need more inspiration? Then go ahead and sift through the template gallery that includes pre-designed popups. The best part about the templates is that you can add any of them directly to your dashboard within seconds. And once you do, you can either use them on your website as is, or adjust the copy and the image before publishing.

Ready to shake things up on your website? Then create a Getsitecontrol account and give it a try. No credit card or commitment required to start.

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