How to test emails before sending them to contacts

Getsitecontrol allows you to create emails and send them to your contacts as a part of automated workflows or broadcasts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to test your emails before sending out your campaign and how to share them with your colleagues or clients.

Send a test email

From the menu on the right, click Send test email and enter the email address of a test recipient (e.g. yours or your colleague’s):

Sending a test email

Proceed to Send the email to your inbox. When viewing the email, check the subject and preview, click through the links, re-read the text, and make sure there are no layout issues. Remember that most people check their emails on their smartphones, so the mobile version needs to be spot on, too.

The test email in the Gmail inbox

❗Keep in mind that if you’re using variables in the text of your email, they’ll be empty and won’t appear in the test.

The emails you create in Getsitecontrol also feature a direct preview link you can share with your colleagues or clients:

The Get preview link button in the email editor

The preview allows you to view the desktop and the mobile version of the email directly in the browser:

Mobile view of the email preview

If you encounter any difficulties with the email editor, do not hesitate to contact our Tech Support team.

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