Beautiful widgets for Squarespace

Capture email addresses, embed contact buttons, add notification bars, conduct surveys, and install a live chat with customizable Squarespace forms and popups

 popup widget for website

Upgrade your website with Squarespace widgets

GetSiteControl Collect email addresses Collect email addresses

Use our comprehensive feature-set to capture your website visitors’ emails in the most effective ways. Design email subscription popups and slide-ins, offer and deliver lead magnets to increase sign-ups, embed floating top or bottom bars to collect subscriptions non-obtrusively.

GetSiteControl Provide technical support Provide technical support

Always be there for your customers and prospects. Embed a live chat to enable real-time responses, install a contact us tab, allow for requesting a callback, create a custom technical support form, and get notified instantly whenever a new request is submitted.

GetSiteControl Increase store sales Increase store sales

Power your strategy with Squarespace widgets proven to deliver results. Connect subscription forms to your email marketing software and build multiple email lists. Display special deals and coupons using sticky bars, use exit-intent popups to lower cart abandonment.

GetSiteControl Display announcements Display announcements

Reach your website visitors with eye-catching popups and notification bars to make sure they don’t miss important information about deals or updates. Use targeting settings and smart triggers to display Squarespace widgets to select audience at the right moment.

GetSiteControl Survey your visitors Survey your visitors

Incorporate customizable survey forms for Squarespace into your marketing research. Use star rating scales for brief evaluations, conduct short polls to learn more about your audience’s preferences, and build multi-page skip logic surveys for more in-depth analysis.

GetSiteControl Receive feedback Receive feedback

Engage with your audience in various ways using custom Squarespace widget builder and encourage them to share their thoughts. Embed feedback forms site-wide, invite select visitors to participate in surveys, and ask for website evaluation right before exit.

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Squarespace forms to collect email leads

Email opt-in forms

Convert your website visitors into subscribers and build your email list fast with GetSiteControl forms. Customize their appearance, webpage position, and display rules to optimize signup rates among the relevant audience. Implement lead magnets, set up an autoresponder, and run a split test to make sure you’re using a winning combination of the copy and creative.

Contact forms for Squarespace

Contact forms for Squarespace

Benefit from one of our most popular Squarespace widgets and install a versatile contact form to your website. Have it as a floating side button, a tab at the bottom corner of a page. Choose one of the pre-configured templates or build the form from scratch adding text boxes, an email capture field, a dropdown menu, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

Poll and survey widgets for a Squarespace website

Neat online surveys

Run brief feedback collection campaigns or conduct in-depth research using survey forms on your Squarespace website. Based on your goals, you can publish star rating popups, create simple polls, or build multi-page questionnaires with skip logic and branching. Display them when a visitor scrolls down page content, performs an action or navigates to exit.

Squarespace popups to announce sales, boost sales, and prevent cart abandonment

Eye-catching popups

Create popups, slide-ins, and floating bars with the design matching your website and eye-catching CTA buttons leading to select URLs. Use them as notification banners, cart abandonment prevention, and a way to increase user engagement with your website. Personalize messages based on the page widgets appear on and the audience they are displayed to.

Live chat widget for Squarespace

Live chat widget

Install a live chat widget to your website and allow visitors to communicate with you or your team in real-time. Set up online and offline statuses, create a welcome message and assign multiple operators. Maintain seamless conversations via email even if your website visitor goes offline. Connect the widget to Slack to stay connected even on the go.

Non-techie friendly installation

GetSiteControl no-code widgets for Squarespace

Build widgets without coding

GetSiteControl doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge. To get started, all you need is paste a provided script directly to the code of your Squarespace website. If you have never installed third-party apps before, don’t worry – we provide a detailed illustrated guide to walk you through every step. You only need to install the script once to be able to create and edit unlimited widgets using an intuitive GetSiteControl dashboard.

Step-by-step instructions

Squarespace widgets that adjust to your strategy

GetSiteControl Exit-intent technology Exit-intent technology

Display GetSiteControl widgets right before your visitors leave a page. Use this feature to lower bounce rate, reduce cart abandonment, offer lead magnets, and run website exit surveys.

GetSiteControl Audience targeting Audience targeting

Publish popups for select audience segments based on their location, language, UTM, referral sources and other parameters. Such personalization will help you to increase conversion rates.

GetSiteControl Action-based triggers Action-based triggers

Choose whether you want widgets to appear at once, after a visitor spends some time on a page, or after they scroll down. This enables you to interact with engaged visitors more actively.

GetSiteControl Customization Customization

Upload custom images, adjust color themes, text font, and animation; select one of 9 webpage positions. Ensure your Squarespace forms and popups look as an integral part of a website design.

GetSiteControl Mobile friendly forms Mobile friendly forms

Adjust GetSiteControl widgets for smaller screens in one click. That way you’ll continue targeting mobile audience, maintain excellent user experience, and comply with Google requirements.

GetSiteControl Detailed statistics Detailed statistics

Download detailed performance reports at any moment right from the dashboard. See conversion rates, locations of those who have taken an action, and the pages where each widget was interacted with.

Integrate GetSiteControl with your favorite software

Over 30 email marketing platforms

Connect email capture forms to the solution of your choice and send new subscribers directly to the assigned email lists.

Widget interactions tracking

Integrate your Squarespace widgets with Google Analytics in one click and view interaction statistics under a new event category on the Behavior tab

Unlimited Zapier connections

Automate the workflow with smooth Zapier integration. Choose among 1000+ cloud app connections for your forms and popups.