Aurora Unveils Countdown Popups, Promo Popups & Signup Popups

Aurora Unveils Countdown Popups, Promo Popups & Signup Popups
Ann Ashen Ann Ashen Nov 28, 2023 —  2 min read

Just in time for the 2023 holiday season, Aurora’s new version is here to ensure you stay ahead of the game. The update brings a set of built-in popups designed to instill a sense of urgency, promote special offers, and collect emails.

Let’s take a look at what you can get after the upgrade.

Countdown popups

Pop-up countdown timers will help you generate a sense of urgency or build anticipation for a sale – or any other important event, such a new collection drop.

Pop-up countdown timers in Aurora theme for Shopify

To accommodate different scenarios, Aurora allows for creating fixed-date and evergreen countdown timers. Use the former mode to display how much time is left until the event, and the latter – to encourage visitors to seize the best deals before time runs out.

Promo popups and signup popups

There are two more popup types in the new Aurora that will help you grow your email list and make your promotions impossible to ignore, all without relying on 3rd-party apps.

Promo and signup popups in Aurora theme for Shopify

These eye-catching popups come with dynamic settings to control when and where they will appear in your store. You can also choose the animation style to seamlessly integrate popups into your store's vibe.

Use pop-up calls to action for:

  • Exchanging discounts for subscriptions
  • Inviting visitors to join your newsletter
  • Displaying welcome offers
  • Promoting a sale page
  • Offering coupons

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Store locator

Aurora’s intuitive store locator feature (Map) provides customers with turn-by-turn directions to your nearest brick-and-mortar store.

Store locator feature to the closest point-of-sale in Aurora theme

Tailor the map view according to your preferences by choosing from a variety of pre-made styles or designing your own style that aligns with the store's aesthetic.

But that’s not all. There is a handful of minor yet noteworthy updates, including the ability to:

  • Show product media only for the selected variant.
  • Customize and reposition cards within featured collections.
  • Choose from different carousel animation styles.
  • Adjust media fit within product cards.

Ready to test the new features in your store? Then upgrade your theme now and make this holiday sale season count!

Have any feature suggestions? Share them in #your-feedback on our Slack channel.

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