Aurora 3.0 Receives New Style for Jewelry Brands and Other Updates

Aurora 3.0 Receives New Style for Jewelry Brands and Other Updates
Ann Ashen Ann Ashen Jan 26, 2024 —  3 min read

Our team is kicking off 2024 with the release of Aurora 3.0. The new version is a blend of significant, long-awaited updates and fine-tuned improvements – all designed to elevate the look and functionality of your online store.

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the highlights.

Radiant – new theme style for jewelry brands

Aurora 3.0 debuts 'Radiant,' a theme style crafted specifically for jewelry brands. Its product-focused design, complemented by soft color tones, beautifully highlights the elegance of various jewelry pieces, from rings and bracelets to necklaces.

Radiant – new style in Aurora theme, designed for jewelry and accessory brands

Experience the charm of the new style by visiting Radiant demo store.

The next part of the update allows you to transform in-store browsing into an interactive journey by using Featured navigation. When hovered over, navigation items turn into scrolling lines, each paired with a featured image and a clickable button.

This unique feature will guide visitors effortlessly through your collections, enhancing engagement and overall experience.

Interactive image slider

The introduction of the Image Slider in Aurora 3.0 adds another tool to your visual storytelling arsenal. Engage your audience with captivating animations and a timeline-style layout, perfect for showcasing new products, seasonal looks, or special offers.

Blog post slideshow

In response to multiple requests, we’ve also expanded the list of layouts available for the Blog posts section. With the new version, you can present your blog content in an engaging slideshow format, making it more appealing and accessible to your audience.

Enhanced testimonials section

The Testimonials section has been upgraded with several layouts and new functionality. The new settings allow you to resize a background image, display reviewed products, and add detailed information about reviewers, thereby bolstering the authenticity of your customer testimonials.

Optimized color schemes

In our effort to provide more versatile customization options, we’ve introduced a new color scheme, refreshed some default colors, and rolled out additional pickers. This gives you greater control over your store's aesthetic and enables more precise customization of minor theme elements.

Aurora theme 3.0 brings optimized color schemes and additional pickers

Product cards within scrolling text

The Scrolling text section has received two new blocks, and now allows you to feature clickable product and collection cards within the marquee. Use this feature to interactively promote best-selling products, new arrivals, or items on sale.

Other updates

The new features and section updates above were just the main highlights of Aurora 3.0. However, that’s not all.

There are a handful of minor yet noteworthy updates that enable you to:

  • Add, remove, and adjust the size of side paddings across all theme sections
  • Add hover effects to collages and header blocks
  • Apply gradient coloring to the free shipping bar
  • Add a call-to-action button to the “Before/after images” section
  • Adjust content alignment in the “Collection with text” section
  • Set a mobile gap between the parts of the “Lookbook” section
  • Choose the style of Buy buttons on product pages
  • Supply the password page with the store policy links

We encourage you to update your theme to Aurora 3.0 today and start exploring the new features.

And while you’re at it, please let us know what you think! Your feedback is essential for shaping future updates.

Have suggestions for what you'd like to see next? Join the conversation in our Slack community and be a part of Aurora's evolving journey.

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