Aurora 3.1 is Here to Elevate Your Store's Aesthetic & Functionality

Aurora 3.1 is Here to Elevate Your Store's Aesthetic & Functionality
Ann Ashen Ann Ashen Apr 19, 2024 —  2 min read

We're thrilled to announce the release of Aurora 3.1.

The new version is designed to enhance both the visual allure and the operational efficiency of your store. It brings several of the most requested features, so we hope you’ll be as excited about the update as we are.

Let’s dive right in!

Transparent header

A transparent header offers a modern, uncluttered look that simplifies navigation. To better match your store’s visual design, adjust the levels of opacity and blur, and add a logo with a transparent background for a polished, professional appearance.

Transparent header in Aurora theme

Mega menu layout

With the mega menu layout, navigation becomes more intuitive than ever. You can now showcase all your product categories and subcategories in a well-organized, multi-column display, enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

Mega menu layout added to the new version of Aurora theme for Shopify

In-cart deal highlights

Spotlight savings directly in the cart, showcasing sale prices and discounts applied to a customer’s order. This smart addition highlights the value customers are getting and aims to reduce checkout abandonments by reinforcing the sense of a great deal.

Aurora theme allows for highlighting applied discounts and deals in the shopping cart

Product siblings

The product siblings feature is a game-changer for stores with extensive inventories. By allowing you to feature related products as variants and interlink them on one centralized product listing, this feature not only enhances product discovery across your store but also boosts SEO.

Flexible media filtering

The latest theme version allows for refined filtering of product media by variant. This means you can now filter each product’s media by different options and associate specific media with multiple variants, ensuring a more customized and relevant browsing experience for your customers.

Upgrade to Aurora 3.1 today

Stay ahead of the curve by updating your theme today. We're excited for you to experience the enhancements firsthand and look forward to your feedback.

Have any comments or ideas for future updates? Join the conversation in our Slack community and help us shape the next version of Aurora.

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