The Ultimate Thank You Page Checklist: 8 Ideas to Boost ROI

The Ultimate Thank You Page Checklist: 8 Ideas to Boost ROI
Rose Wheeler Rose Wheeler Feb 27, 2020 —  6 min read

While an often overlooked tool, the Thank You page can actually be one of your site’s most valuable assets of the whole sales funnel. And the last thing you want clients doing when they land on it is hitting the close button right away.

Why? If a customer has got this far, they have clearly made a purchase or downloaded something from you. Thus, they are already in that sweet spot of being engaged and feeling pretty good about your business.

With multitasking attention spans, these precious seconds of pure engagement can be crucial. Utilize this gift to hold that attention and build an email subscription list, solicit feedback, hold and spark their interest in your content.

There is no one right way to turn your Thank You page into conversion gold, but there are a variety of avenues you can take to boost that ROI, and we’re going to cover them in this post.

1. Cultivate email subscribers

When customers are at the Thank You page stage, it's a pretty safe bet that they are interested in what you are offering. Turn that attention into long term touchpoints by getting newsletter or mailing list sign-ups. While you are still right at the forefront of their thoughts, cultivate their interest by offering the chance to stay in touch right now.

To do that, you can use a popup like this one below.

Wondering how to create a popup like this? You can use Getsitecontrol — a no-code app to help you build any type of online forms, popups, and floating bars. If you like the template above, just make a click on it and follow the instructions to place it on your website.

Notice how in the example above, customers are promised exclusive deals only available to subscribers. You got it right — a little incentivizing with a lead magnet can go a long way.

To boost email signup conversions even more, offer a free download or a promo coupon in exchange for an email. Being able to stay in touch with customers via their inboxes is a huge ROI bump, and it’s more than worth a free download or a small percentage off a purchase.

2. Offer special promos

Strike while the iron is hot! Though it may seem like a customer who has just made one purchase doesn’t need to make another one right away, this is actually an excellent time to capture that sales potential.

Think of it this way. They’re already pretty pumped about having made a purchase, so why not channel that good energy by showing an exclusive limited time offer? By providing a discount that expires in 24 or 48 hours, you might be able to boost sales and bring additional value to the customer.

Another option is to make a special offer for first-time buyers or even something complementary they can add to their next purchase.

3. Get direct feedback

The best way to understand what your audience is thinking is to get those thoughts directly from them. And your Thank You page is one of the best places to gather that feedback.

The end of a transaction is the perfect time to capture information and customer opinion since they are not distracted by completing their purchasing journey. Still, if you decide to include a survey on your Thank You page, remember to keep it short, as the attention spans are already waning at this point.

If you’re planning to place a longer survey, similar to encouraging email signups, you may want to incentivize the completion with an offer of entering for a prize, providing a free download, or a coupon code at the end of the survey’s completion.

The information you collect from your customers can help you make better data-driven marketing decisions in the future. Some of the best survey question examples for your Thank You page, are:

  • Net Promoter Score — to find out how many customers are willing to recommend your business to friends and colleagues

  • Customer Effort Score — to understand how easy it is to do business with you and navigate your website

  • Likert Scale — to help you learn more about your customers’ feelings and behavior

4. Get a little social

A Thank You page can be the place where you make those important social media connections. Your customers are currently excited about their order or are engaged with what you have to offer, so now is the perfect time to try and nudge them into joining your social media pages.

No need to overthink this part. Social media buttons are a proven way to create this connection. Do you want to grow your company’s following? Then stick with the classic “Follow us on…” button. If, however, your goal is to increase your marketing funnel and reach, content sharing is a better avenue. Replace the “Follow” button with a “Share on…” button.

5. Toot your own horn

Sometimes, getting those testimonials front and center to make sure people will see them can be a struggle. So why not utilize the page all new customers will definitely be on?

Use the Thank You page to highlight one or two of your best, snappiest reviews that can be taken in at a glance and still emphasize the idea that your business is reputable. This technique will help reinforce those current positive feelings and increase customer’s trust, a.k.a. Pavlovian associations of good business practices.

And if you decide to go this route, might as well ask for a testimonial, too.

Just place an online form (like the one above) with a specific question that can be answered with a couple of sentences. To save the customers’ time and effort, avoid generic questions and focus on what you believe might help convince your potential customers to make a purchase.

6. Showcase your best content

You want your users to be engaged with your full brand, so consider using the Thank You page as a chance to lengthen the wormhole. Depending on what they purchased or downloaded, offer related links to keep them engaged and learning more about your brand's value.

For example, if you have a customer who just made a beauty purchase, you can drive them to blog posts on beauty and content or other items related to cosmetics. If someone downloaded an eBook on best marketing practices, you could link them to your most popular blog post related to marketing.

Popups and slide-ins will help you streamline things and lead visitors to the desired pages. If you have several Thank You pages for different product categories, in Getsitecontrol, you’ll be able to create several promotional popups accordingly.

7. Encourage account creation

Did someone complete their first purchase as a guest? Use your Thank You page to turn them into a devoted customer by encouraging them to complete a few steps to create an account quickly. After creating an account with you, a customer is more likely to make future purchases as their info is already saved, so next time, the checkout process will be much smoother.

Not only is it a great way to put your Thank You page to work, but it's actually the best way to get customer accounts created.

Despite conventional thinking, asking customers to create an account before they complete a purchase deters around 30% of users.

When you ask customers to create an account before the purchase is complete, it may lead to cart abandonment. From a customer’s perspective, that might feel as if there are too many steps, or as if you're asking to commit when they just want a quick purchase.

By asking to create an account on your Thank You page, you aren't coming off as pushy. Plus, they literally already have entered most of the information they need to create a full account. If it's framed as an afterthought at the end of the checkout process, you can ask for a simple “create a username to save your information”.

Remember to offer incentives (such as easy order status tracking) to complete their account registration and make it feel like a painless process.

8. Use exit-intent popups

Sometimes, the reflex upon reaching a Thank You page is to close out of the window, as if it’s the muscle memory. Beat a click-happy trigger finger at its own game with an exit-intent popup.

There is an art (and science, too) to making popups work. The tricky part about exit popups, specifically, is providing the value to customers.

Consider using exit-intent popups to promote a special deal, offer a lead magnet, remind your customers to join the list, or to survey them about their experience. The main idea is to grab attention while they are on the page.

The customer’s journey doesn't end after the first purchase

Saying “thank you” is a great way to show your appreciation, but don’t stop there. A good business strategy is always to nurture leads, and so no pages on your site should be dead ends or lack a purpose, your Thank You page being no exception.

Increase your conversions, engagement, and ROI by turning an innocuous “thank you” into a sales and marketing funnel powerhouse.

Rose Wheeler is a seasoned writer and content manager with more than 16 years of experience. She specializes in content related to digital marketing, small business, CMS and lifestyle.

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