How to connect apps via Integrately

How to connect apps via Integrately

Integrately is a platform that lets you integrate Getsitecontrol with 200+ web applications. You can use it to automatically send data collected with your Getsitecontrol forms to any other supported app. Use one of the pre-made automations from the Integrately’s store.

1. Create an automation

To set up a new integration, sign in to your Integrately account and use the search bar to find Getsitecontrol and the app you want to connect.

Selecting Getsitecontrol in Integrately

Next, select automation. There is only one available option — Form is submitted in Getsitecontrol that triggers an event in the other connected app. Choose the action you want to be performed when someone submits your Getsitecontrol form. Depending on the app it can be adding a new contact, creating a task, sending a message, etc. Then click Go to continue.

Selecting events for the connected apps

You can add another app to your automation or jump to Test and Go Live.

Add conditions dialog box

2. Connect Getsitecontrol with Integrately

Connect your Getsitecontrol account by clicking the Add Connection button.

Add connection button in Integrately

Copy your Webhook URL.

Highlighted webhook URL

Go to your Getsitecontrol account, click Edit to open the settings of the necessary widget. Switch to the Integrations tab, click +Add webhook and paste the copied URL.

Webhooks section in Getsitecontrol

Map your widget fields to your app’s fields to make sure the data Getsitecontrol sends is handled correctly. You can learn more about field mapping here.

Map widget fields button in Getsitecontrol

Save the changes by clicking Save & Close.

Fill out the edited widget on your website to send a test record and go back to the Integrately page. Click Test integration.

Test integration button in Integrately

3. Connect a third-party app

Now you can connect your app, follow the instructions of Integrately and click Test & Go Live to complete the setup.

Connecting a third-party app in Integrately

Success! While your automation is on, the data will be automatically sent to the selected app.

Integrately success page

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