Field mapping for third party integrations

Field mapping for third party integrations

What is field mapping?

Field mapping is the process of matching the fields of your Getsitecontrol widget to the corresponding fields of the third party service the widget is integrated with. When new data is collected through the widget, Getsitecontrol will send the data to the mapped fields in your integration.

Apart from the data collected directly through the widget, you can also choose to include other custom parameters, such as user's location, and map those to target fields of your choice.

Setting up field mapping

You’ll be asked to map the widget fields when setting up an integration on the Integrations tab.

Once you choose the necessary third party app and select a mailing list from the drop-down menu, click the Map widget fields… button to start mapping fields.

Map widget fields data highlighted in the Integrations section

On the left you’ll see the list of fields that Getsitecontrol can export. And on the right you’ll find the list of fields that your integrated service can import.

Some of the fields may be matched up automatically.

Fields available for mapping

Required fields

Required fields in the integrated service are marked with an asterisk. These fields must be filled out. If they are not, the integration will not work correctly and your subscribers’ data won’t be passed to the list in your app.

Required email address field on the list of fields available for mapping

Tip: if you don't want Getsitecontrol to fill in these fields, you can set them to be optional instead of required in your third party service settings.

Field types

There are four types of fields you can choose to pass to your integration service:

  • Form field

  • System field

  • JS API field

  • Text value

Selecting a field of the necessary type

Form fields

Form fields are the actual fields of your widget that get filled in by website visitors, e.g. “Email”, “Name”, “Message”. You can choose which field in your form corresponds to which field in your integrated service.

Mapping a form field

System fields

System fields include additional details about your website visitors that are collected when they submit a reply through your widget, e.g. “Country”, “OS”, “Browser”, “Language”.

If you want to send some of these details to your integration, make sure you match them up to the necessary fields in the integrated app.

Mapping a system field

JS API fields

You can use Getsitecontrol widget API to pass additional details about your website visitors when they submit a reply. Check this page for instructions on how to pass additional properties about website visitors.

This is an advanced feature that requires some programming knowledge. Please note that we are unable to provide support for creating or troubleshooting custom code.

Mapping a JS API field

Text value

Here you can add any text value you want to be sent to a certain field in your integrated app. This value will be passed along all submissions made via this particular widget.

Mapping a text value field

MailChimp groups

This option is only available for the MailChimp integration. If you have set up custom groups in MailChimp you will see them listed in field mapping settings.

MailChimp groups in the field mapping section

To add contacts collected with the widget to a particular group you need to choose any option from the drop-down list. It doesn't matter which one you choose. If the field is empty, contacts will not be added to the group. If the field is not empty, contacts will be added to the group.

Mapping widget fields to add contacts to a particular group

Field mapping for Google Sheets

Field mapping works a bit differently for the integration with Google Sheets.

On the left you’ll see the list of fields that Getsitecontrol can export, as usual. And on the right you’ll find the list of columns that will be added to your Google spreadsheet once you set up the integration.

You can change the names of the columns on the right and add new fields to pass some extra details. The data submitted through the form will be added in the new rows in a specific spreadsheet.

Mapping widget fields for the integration with Google Sheets

Field mapping for Webhooks

When setting up Webhooks, you’ll also need to map the widget fields. The ones on the left are the fields that Getsitecontrol can export. The ones on the right are the key values in the POST requests.

You can change the names of these columns and add new fields to pass some extra details.

Mapping widget fields for Webhooks

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