How to use Webhooks

How to use Webhooks

This is an advanced feature that requires some programming knowledge. Please note that we are unable to provide support for creating or troubleshooting custom code.

Webhooks are a way to instantly receive information from your widgets as soon as it's submitted. You specify the URL you want to receive the data to and Getsitecontrol will POST to that URL whenever a form is filled out on your website.

Webhooks allow you to receive real time data from your widgets. The way this data is processed on your side fully depends on your Webhooks handler.

Submit URL

First, you need to specify the URL you want to receive the data from the widget to. Here’s how you can do it: open your Getsitecontrol dashboard and click Edit on the necessary widget. Switch to the Integrations tab and click the +Add webhook link.

Enter the URL you want Getsitecontrol to make HTTP POST requests to and save the changes.

Now when webhooks are enabled all new submissions will be automatically POSTed to the specified URL.

Notification format

Webhook notifications are sent via HTTP POST request, and the request body contains the data from the fields in your widget. The request data is sent in the application/x-www-form-urlencoded format. For example, if you have two fields, email and name, in your widget, here’s what a request will look like: