How to download a receipt

Your payment history is always available in your Getsitecontrol dashboard. You can also download a receipt for every payment you’ve made from your Getsitecontrol account.

Here’s how to proceed: sign in to your dashboard, click Account in the top bar and choose Billing from the dropdown list.

Getsitecontrol account with the highlighted Account section and Billing item on the dropdown list

Here you can see your billing history and download a receipt for every payment by clicking the Download button next to the necessary transaction.

Billing section with the list of transactions and the highlighted Download button

If you need to add extra information (for example, your VAT ID or company address) to your receipts, you can use the Extra info field.

Extra info field in the Billing section

After you click the Update extra info button, the information you add to it will appear on all your receipts, the future and the past ones.

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