How to integrate forms with Hubspot

How to integrate forms with Hubspot

If you use Hubspot for email marketing and Getsitecontrol to collect email addresses on your website, you can easily connect the two apps to automate the process.

All you need to do is integrate your Getsitecontrol form with the necessary mailing list in Hubspot, and every new email subscriber from that form will be sent to the indicated list.

1. Find the Integrations tab

In your Getsitecontrol account, open the form you want to connect to Hubspot and switch to the Integrations tab:

The Integrations tab in the widget editor

2. Select Hubspot among the integration options

In the ‘Third party integrations’ section, click the + Add application link and choose Hubspot from the dropdown list:

Choosing Hubspot from the dropdown list of applications

Next, log in to your Hubspot account.

Log in to your Hubspot account

Proceed to connect the two platforms:

Connecting Getsitecontrol with Hubspot

Now your accounts are connected.

3. Choose the list

At this point, you’ll need to choose the Hubspot list where you want to send the collected emails.

Selecting a Hubspot list

❗ Please note that you’ll only be able to send data to static lists in Hubspot.

If you don’t choose a list, the leads collected by the form will be simply added to your contacts in Hubspot.

4. Map your form fields

Next, match your form fields with those in the Hubspot list.

To set up field mapping, click the Map fields… button. Proceed to click the {var} icon next to a Hubspot field and select the corresponding variable from the menu:

The {var} menu in the field mapping settings

You’ll find your form fields in the Form tab. The other tabs of the menu feature various system fields, including location, device type, current date, etc.

Repeat this process for all the fields you wish to map.

To learn more about field mapping for third-party integrations, watch this video or read this guide.

When you are done mapping the fields, click Save and then proceed to Save & close the form.

Your Hubspot integration setup is now complete. From now on, all new contacts from the selected form will be sent to the Hubspot list you have specified.

You can connect your form to more than one third-party application. Click the + Add application link to add another integration for the current form.

If you have issues setting up your Hubspot integration, or performing any other task, feel free to message us. Our Tech Support team will be happy to help you!

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