Announce new features and product updates on a website

Announce new features and product updates on a website
Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz 3 min read

How do you make sure your customers are aware of a recent product update?

Your first steps probably include sending an email blast and posting on social media. But what about those who are already on your website and might not be on your list of followers yet?

We suggest adding pop-up notifications to your website to announce new features and spread the news. In this post, we’ll show you how to do it using Getsitecontrol widgets.

Creating a notification widget is easy and requires zero coding knowledge. You’ll be able to choose among dozens of templates or design one from scratch to make it look cohesive on your website.

Based on your goals, your popup may be big, bright, and impossible to miss – or it may be just a compact floating bar at the top or bottom of a webpage. Besides, you’ll be able to decide when, where, and how the widget will appear.

For instance, here are some of the display conditions you can play with:

  • Display a popup at once – to announce new features as soon as a visitor lands on your website.
  • Announce product updates after a time delay – to drive the attention of engaged visitors.
  • Place the notification on select pages related to the product update.
  • Notify registered users only – by placing the widget right in your cloud app.
  • Add a sitewide sticky bar that won’t disappear unless a visitor closes it.

You can decide whether the new feature announcement is worth every visitor’s attention, or it will only be relevant to a certain group of people (for instance, registered users or customers interested in a particular feature).

The call-to-action button on the widget can lead to another page of your website, to a 3rd-party URL, or it can just serve to close the widget. Below, we’ll explain where to find the corresponding settings.

How to create a popup to announce product updates on a website (step by step)

Once you’ve installed Getsitecontrol to your website, you can go ahead and start designing your first widget. Sign in to your dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Click +Create widge and select the Notify visitors option from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select a webpage position and a template, click Continue → to proceed.

  3. On the Content tab, edit the copy and the call to action placed on the button. Here you can also decide what should happen upon button click. If you want to redirect a visitor to another URL, insert the webpage address to the corresponding field. A common practice is to lead to a blog post with the announcement of new features or a page where users can get the updated product.

  4. If you’d like to change the look of the template, you can do it on the Appearance tab: change the colors for the widget and, if necessary, its size and paddings.

At this point, your notification widget is ready. You can save it and activate it on a website – it will go live instantly. If you need to adjust the appearance settings and behavior triggers, check the Targeting tab to decide when and where the announcement will be displayed.

This is how we announce product updates to Getsitecontrol users

We add new features to Getsitecontrol on a regular basis. Some of them are minor changes, others deserve to be announced widely. In such cases, we typically write a detailed blog post and place a notification bar in the admin dashboard to make sure those actively using the app are guaranteed to get informed.

Consider the times when the GDPR law was introduced. Not only did we release the possibility for users to quickly add a mandatory checkbox and collect GDPR consent from new email subscribers, but we also had to update our Privacy policy according to the requirements. Here is the widget we placed to notify users about the Terms update:

Once a user clicks the “Got it” button, we assume they are informed about the update and never display the widget again.

To replicate a popup like this one, you’ll need to choose a slide-in as a widget type, provide a link for the users to read the details, set the widget to be closed upon button click and to stop appearing once the action is taken.

You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Make announcements section.

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Best practices

You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Make announcements section.

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