Encourage website visitors to support your campaign with a donation popup

Encourage website visitors to support your campaign with a donation popup
Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz 3 min read
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If you are launching a fundraising campaign on your website, you’ll need to think through a lot of details including the ways to promote your donation page and nudge people into participating. In the article below, we’ll show you how to create a catchy donation popup that will notify website visitors about the campaign and drive them to the page where they can support your cause.

The popup above is powered by Getsitecontrol. It’s a cloud app that allows you to build various website widgets — from email subscription forms to surveys and notification bars. Getsitecontrol requires no coding and offers a free version to nonprofit organizations.

What types of donation popups should you use?

In the age of a short attention span and chaotic web browsing style, popups are terrific at reminding people to take action on your website. And given that fundraising involves a lot of asking, you should take full advantage of them.

Now, based on your strategy, you can go two ways with donation popups. You can drive people to the donation page with a call-to-action button, or you can collect their emails for further encouragement and updates.

Below is an example of the catchy email opt-in form inviting website visitors to join the movement in exchange for the adoption guide. You can make such a form appear right when a visitor decides to leave the website: it will certainly do a great job at stopping them from exiting.

On top of that, you can decide how soon the donation popups will appear on the website and how intrusive they will be. The above-mentioned exit-intent popup is just one example, here are 3 more:

  • Welcome popup
    A welcome popup displayed the same moment one lands on a website
  • Side slide-ins
    A welcome popup displayed the same moment one lands on a website
  • Floating bar
    A floating reminder bar placed on specific pages or sitewide

So, which one should you use? Well, that entirely depends on your funnel and your preferences.

One would argue that getting people to subscribe might be more beneficial in the long run, whereas instant onsite donations rarely become repetitive. However, this might be quite specific for each case and besides, you can always use a combination of popups.

For example, you can display both an email subscription form and a notification bar on your site.

If you place a sticky bar like this one sitewide, visitors will be able to access it from any page and quickly proceed to the donation page when they are ready.

How to create a donation popup (quick technical part)

Let’s get technical now. Even if you’ve never designed popups before, we promise you’ll be able to launch your first one within minutes. Once you’ve registered a Getsitecontrol account, connect it to your website and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

  2. Click +Create widget and choose whether you want to collect emails or notify visitors.

How to create a donation popup in Getsitecontrol

  1. Select a webpage position and a layout template keeping in mind your goal.

  2. On the Content tab, add a message describing your campaign and asking visitors either to donate or to join the community.

  3. Here you can also specify what happens upon button click. If you’re planning to take them to a donation page, in the Primary button section choose the Open URL action and paste the required URL in the corresponding field.

  4. If you’d like to change the look of the template, you can do it on the Appearance tab: change the colors for the widget and, if necessary, its size and paddings. You can also select one of the images from the gallery, upload your own creative, or import one from your website or Instagram page.

Once you save and activate the widget, it goes live on your website and starts delivering results instantly.

Wrapping up: 5 tips on making your donation popup effective

  1. Consider creating either a welcome or an exit-intent popup. They are literally impossible to miss.
  2. Invest in a high-quality creative that will illustrate the essence of the campaign.
  3. Write clear copy. Describe the key idea of your campaign and how your audience can get involved in as few words as possible.
  4. Emphasize the call-to-action button: using both — colors and the right words.
  5. A/B test the popup. This will allow you to see which copy and creative combination drives more donations.

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