Promote your fundraising campaign with a pop-up donation CTA

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If you are launching a fundraising campaign, there are tons of important details to take care of – including the campaign promotion on your website.

One proven tool you can use to encourage people to participate is donation popups.

For example, you can use a donation popup to inform your website audience about the campaign and drive them to the donation page 👇

Another common example is an email opt-in popup designed to collect emails of those who want to join the movement and stay informed about the cause 👇

If this is something you’re looking for, in the tutorial below, we’ll show you how to add donation popups to your website using Getsitecontrol.

Getsitecontrol is a no-code popup building app, and it provides a free plan for non-profit organizations. It requires no technical skills either: essentially, all you need to do is select a popup template, adjust it to your needs, and then connect the app to your website.

How to create a custom donation popup in Getsitecontrol

Step 1. Select a popup template

There are several ways you can display your donation call to action (CTA) on a page. If you want it to be loud and eye-catching, the best option is a modal popup. Other options include less intrusive slide-ins, sidebars, and sticky bars.

Donation popup gallery powered by Getsitecontrol

Check the template gallery to find the format you prefer and follow the prompts on the right-hand side to add the template to the Getsitecontrol dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to customize the template following easy steps.

Step 2. Type your copy

Once in the dashboard, you can start by changing the copy. Just click on any piece of text on the popup and type your call to action.

How to edit the copy on the donation popup in Getsitecontrol

What you write on the popup matters a lot. However, the best practice is to keep your message concise because your goal is to drive visitors to the page with more details where they can make the decision about donating.

Step 3. Assign a URL redirect to the button click

The ‘DONATE NOW’ button is meant to take visitors to the donation page. This means you need to connect the URL of that page to the button click. To do that, simply hit the button on the template, proceed to + Add action, and select Open URL.

How to assign a URL redirect to a button click in Getsitecontrol

Paste the URL of your donation page to the placeholder and decide whether you want it to open in a new tab or not.

Step 4. Adjust the design

The image is another crucial element of your donation popup. Click on it right on the template and proceed to ‘Change image.’ You can import your own picture or select one from the built-in image gallery. Just type a keyword that is relevant to your niche in the search field and check the results.

How to change an image on your donation popup in Getsitecontroll

You can also change the font, color theme, and overall style of the popup. Use the Theme menu to access the design controls and check the available options.

How to customize the design of your donation CTA popup

Before moving on you may want to check the mobile preview to make sure everything looks the way you wanted. Typically, Getsitecontrol popups adapt to smaller screens perfectly, so there’s no need for you to make any adjustments – unless you’ve added too much text, and that’s why you want to check the mobile preview.

Step 5. Set up popup triggers

The last step is to set up the conditions for when and where the popup should appear. You can do it in the Targeting tab.

By default, the call to action will pop up on every page of your website as soon as visitors arrive. If you’d like to change that, you can select the exact URLs where you want (or don’t want) to show your CTA. You may also want to start displaying the popup after a visitor spends a few seconds on the page instead of showing it right away.

How to set up display triggers for a donation popup

Notice, that you can also set the condition for when to stop displaying the popup. In our example, if a visitor clicks on the button (that counts as submission), they will never see the popup again; if they close it, they will see it again in a week.

If you’ve followed these steps, by now, you should have a perfectly working donation popup. To save it in your dashboard, hit Save & close in the top right corner. If you’ve connected Getsitecontrol to your website already, you can activate the popup and it will start displaying to your visitors. It’s that simple.

What types of donation popups should you use?

Fundraising isn’t easy. It involves a lot of asking, reminding, and attention seeking. That’s why in the age of chaotic web browsing, popups can be so efficient at nudging people into taking action. It’s just hard to miss them!

Now, another great thing about popups is that you can display as many of them as you want. For instance, even if you choose one of the catchy popup templates featured above, there will be people who might close them because they’re not ready. But they also may change their minds later. And for this scenario, you can create a sticky bar as a reminder of your call to action 👇

A bar like this one is absolutely non-intrusive. You can easily add it to every page without worrying that it will interrupt user experience on your website.

Another option you can use is an exit-intent popup. It will appear right before a visitor leaves your website and help you convert those who were considering the idea of joining but, for some reason, failed to find the right form.

To set up the exit-intent trigger, you’ll need to select the corresponding option in the Targeting tab, under the Start to display the widget control.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to create an attention-grabbing donation CTA, it’s time to put this knowledge into practice. Go ahead and add a popup or two to your website and start tracking their performance using statistics reports. Once you collect some data, consider running an A/B test to see how you can improve results and encourage more people to support your cause.

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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