Create a coming soon page with an email form to prepare for a big launch

Create a coming soon page with an email form to prepare for a big launch
Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz 4 min read

So, you’re planning to launch a website. Or maybe it’s a landing page for a product that is yet to be launched. And you thought it might be a good idea to start building an email list to get some traffic starting day one. Good call!

Creating a coming soon page with an email form is an obvious solution here. And while an embedded signup field is the most common practice, having a more proactive approach – such as a popup or a slide-in – can be quite effective too.

In the post below, we’ll show you how to add an enticing email form to a coming soon page using Getsitecontrol form builder.

Here is what your email subscription form may look like:

And this widget can appear as a lightbox, a slide-in, a fullscreen popup, or an exit-intent popup – that’s up to you. Plus, of course, you’ll be able to tailor it in terms of design using professional-looking templates and even a CSS editor.

Here is how to add a working email form to your coming soon page

To add an email form to a coming soon page on your website you only need to take several simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Getsitecontrol account

  2. Click Create widget and choose Collect emails. Select a webpage position and a template and click Continue →.

Slecting the widget type from the dropdown menu in the Getsitecontrol admin dashboard

  1. On the Content tab, change the copy and CTA. Plus, decide what type of information you want to collect and which field you’ll need to use.

  2. If you’d like to change the look of the chosen template, you can do it on the Appearance tab.

  3. Go to the Targeting tab and specify the URL of the page your email form should appear on. Add the conditions under which it should appear.

  4. Finally, go to the Integrations tab to connect the popup to the email marketing software you use.

Once you save and activate the widget, it will instantly go live on your website. If you want to schedule it for specific dates instead, you can do that on the Targeting tab.

How to make an email form on a coming soon page more efficient

Here comes the tricky part. Creating a coming soon page with an email form is not such a big deal.

The real challenge is to encourage people to hit that “Subscribe” button.

Of course, you already know how important it is to craft a compelling catchy copy telling your website visitors what to expect, when to expect it, and why they should be excited about the launch. Below are a couple more recommendations we thought you can make use of.

Provide early access to the product

Whether it’s an app or a physical product, there is probably a technical possibility to provide your subscribers with a chance to sneak peek at it before everybody else. Not only will it be a strong incentive for people to subscribe, but it may also inspire them to spread the news about the launch. Exclusive early-bird access makes everybody feel special!

Promise value in return

Perhaps, for some people being on the waitlist for the launch is already exciting, but let’s face it – most will try to avoid receiving yet another newsletter given how swamped an average email inbox is. Unless you can offer something really enticing.

Early bird access is a mighty incentive but if it’s not relevant for your project, consider discounts, free shipping, valuable content, or anything you can come up with.

Most lead magnets can be delivered with Getsitecontrol autoresponder – an automated message sent to everyone who fills out the form.

You can insert additional info, a coupon code, or a download link to the email body, and new subscribers will receive them automatically right after submission. You don’t even need to connect your email marketing software for that.

Display the subscription form twice

It happens all the time. People close popups absentmindedly, sometimes even without reading the copy. They also get distracted and forget to subscribe even if they were planning to do that a moment ago.

For you, those are lost opportunities. Here is what you can do about it: make the form appear twice.

In other words, you can have an embedded email signup form and a popup appear on the page. Or you can add an exit-intent popup reminding visitors to subscribe right before they leave your website.

Consider using a survey form

Here is another idea: you can collect emails and feedback at the same time. Just add a survey form with email capture and ask away! At this point, you may want to know where your visitors heard about you, what they are most excited about, or what products they are currently using.

Wrapping up

Here you go, a brief recipe for a coming soon page that will generate leads even before the launch:

  • Prepare a clear detailed copy to spark people’s interest
  • Use popups to encourage visitors to subscribe proactively
  • Consider “bribes” in exchange for email addresses if you want to build that list even faster

You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Build email list section.

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Best practices

You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Build email list section.

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