12 Shopify Themes for Home Decor Brands to Inspire Your Website Redesign

12 Shopify Themes for Home Decor Brands to Inspire Your Website Redesign
Joshua Poh Joshua Poh Jun 18, 2024 —  9 min read

Choosing a new Shopify theme for your home decor business is like renovating your storefront, so it's important to select an appropriate theme that pays off in the long run.

It's natural to have a lot of questions before investing in a new theme, such as:

  • Can the theme showcase the quality of my products?
  • How easy is the theme to use?
  • Can I organize my products in a way that doesn’t confuse my customers?
  • Is the theme developer responsive to questions?

To help make your decision easier, we’ve hand-picked 12 fantastic Shopify themes catered to the needs of home decor businesses out of the thousands of Shopify themes available online. We’ve evaluated each theme for its features, customer reviews, and who we recommend it for.

The Shopify themes listed here are fully compatible with Shopify 2.0 and meet the rigorous quality, speed, and support requirements to be featured in the official Shopify theme store.

Let’s get into the selections.

Aurora: Feature-rich Shopify theme for home decor brands

Posh, a home décor brand uses the Shopify theme named Aurora on its website

Price: $340

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Aurora

Above is a home page of Posh, a stylish, minimalist home decor store built with Aurora theme.

Aurora brings over 25 highly customizable sections and a modern, sophisticated look. What makes it stand out is the visual storytelling features, including unique video sections, galleries and collages.

Home decor brands form one of the most prominent user groups for Aurora, so we’re confident this theme will help you create an engaging shopping experience. The theme receives regular updates, and the support team is available 24/7 to assist you with questions or issues.

Home decor stores using Aurora

If you choose Aurora to power your Shopify store, here are the features you’ll enjoy:

The theme has received an A in the GTmetrix speed test, which means it loads fast and provides a solid user experience.

Barcelona: Classy Shopify theme for new brands

Barcelona is a Shopify theme for home décor brands with a small product catalog

Price: $320

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Barcelona

Like its namesake, Apparent Collective’s Barcelona Shopify theme evokes a warm, vibrant emotion. It’s perfect for new home decor merchants with a smaller product catalog who need a premium, optimized storefront for their online space.

Barcelona offers all the essential features your store might need:

  • 5 template styles
  • Collection grids
  • Product cards
  • Exclusive icon pack
  • Interactive popups

Barcelona received an A on the GTmetrix page speed test, so you’re investing in a theme that loads fast and looks great.

Vantage: Conversion-focused Shopify theme for home decor stores

Vantage is a popular, budget-friendly Shopify theme for home décor stores

Price: $250

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Vantage

Vantage offers five style presets designed for various business niches, home decor being among them. This theme is great for dropshippers, as well as stores selling products in person. Vantage includes a variety of collection-focused sections and features to help you boost AOV.

Some of the most popular Vantage features are:

  • Sticky add-to-cart button
  • Predictive search
  • Quick buy
  • Countdown timer
  • Product recommendations

Despite a relatively low C grade on GTmetrics, Vantage is a clear favorite among Shopify merchants with a 93% positive rating among 217 reviews.

Minimalista: Simple Shopify theme for minimalist stores

Minimalista is a Shopify theme for home décor designed in subtle color schemes

Price: $250

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Minimalista

Do you favor natural elements or subtle color schemes for your home decor store? Perhaps you’re looking for a Shopify theme that reflects a less-is-more ideology to accompany your products. Minimalista by veteran developers Segment, proves stylish website design can be quiet and unassuming – and might be exactly what you need.

Noteworthy features of this minimalist Shopify theme include:

  • Dynamic videos
  • Dark mode
  • Shipping reward tracker
  • Quick view
  • Real-time stock counter

This lightweight theme loads fast, scoring 95% on GTmetrix, ensuring your online store is lightning-fast and optimized for conversions.

Borders: Artistic Shopify theme for home decor products

Borders is a Shopify theme for artistic home décor brands and editorial content

Price: $360

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Borders

Borders is the latest product of the well-established theme developers, Krown Themes. The theme’s most distinctive features are highly customizable sections and parallax sliders, which add elegance to visual storytelling.

The theme requires minimal setup steps and includes dedicated sections for long-form text. It’s perfect if you combine copy and visual galleries to educate customers about your products and tell your brand’s story.

Other notable features of the Borders theme are:

  • Parallax vertical slider
  • Quick view & Quick buy
  • Product recommendations
  • Customizable layouts
  • Image zoom

One of the newest and promising themes on the theme store, Borders scores a solid B on GTmetrix, which means you might need to pay attention to the load speed of your store if you choose this theme.

Colors: Playful Shopify theme for whimsical home decor brands

Colors is a Shopify theme for home decor, apparel, and accessories

Price: $360

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Colors

Another theme widely used among home decor brands is Colors. This theme is designed to make your whimsical home decor designs come to life with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Shopify merchants mention its clean layout, helpful customer support, and ease of use, so it’s a solid choice for home decor brands with both small and extensive product catalogs.

Standout features of the Colors theme include:

  • In-menu promos
  • Blog integration
  • Stock counter
  • Promo banner
  • Color swatches

At the point of writing, Colors has received 102 reviews with a 93% positive rating. The theme’s demo store also shows excellent performance and gets a solid A on GTmetrix.

Grid: Masonry-style Shopify theme for image-heavy stores

Grid is a Shopify theme for image-heavy home decor stores

Price: $260

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Grid

With Grid's masonry layout, you can space individual elements evenly using rows and columns, resulting in a website that’s pleasing to the eye regardless of the size of your product catalog. It excels at displaying blocks of text or images, making Grid a fantastic theme for showing off your high-resolution product photography.

The most prominent features of this theme are:

  • Physical store locator
  • Multi-column menu
  • Masonry layout
  • Image zoom
  • Promo banners

This Shopify theme scores 98% on GTmetrix and has an average positive rating of 90% out of 102 customer reviews.

Warehouse: Shopify theme for home decor stores with large catalogs

Warehouse is a Shopify theme for stores with large catalogs

Price: $320

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Warehouse

With Warehouse, you can organize, present, and filter catalogs featuring thousands of products. This Shopify theme is ideal for retailers with an extensive inventory who wish to manage their products in multiple categories and subcategories without compromising user experience.

Warehouse’s key features include:

  • Collection page navigation
  • In-store pickup
  • Trust badges
  • Product options
  • Image zoom

Warehouse boasts 85% of positive feedback among 277 reviews on the Shopify theme store, and an excellent A grade on GTmetrix.

Multi: Flexible Shopify theme for high-volume stores

Multi is a flexible theme for Shopify stores with large product catalogs

Price: $350

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Multi

Multi lets you create a professional-looking store using exclusive features, such as animated backgrounds, color schemes, and multiple navigation options. Multi theme is designed with dropshippers in mind, and it adapts well to single-product stores as well as stores with extensive catalogs.

Multi’s key features include:

  • In-store pickup
  • Countdown timer
  • Image hotspots
  • Item comparison chart
  • Upselling features

According to customer reviews, theme developer Mile High Teams responds to questions promptly, so you’re getting a theme that’s well-supported, feature-rich, and easy to work with.

Relax: Affordable Shopify theme for new or growing stores

Relax is a budget-friendly Shopify theme for home decor brands

Price: $170

Demo: View Demo store

URL: Relax

If you’re just getting started or if you’re on a tight budget, consider the Relax theme from Swissuplabs. The theme is set up with beginner merchants in mind, so you don't have to do much customization to launch your home decor store. This Shopify theme includes various cross-selling and upselling features to help you boost sales. It’s also the most affordable Shopify theme on this list.

Other features of this Shopify theme include:

  • Predictive search
  • Mini cart
  • Color swatches
  • Product recommendations
  • Promo popups

Don’t let the price point fool you into thinking you’re getting a lower-quality product. Relax scores an exceptional 99% on performance on GTmetrix, so it’s a Shopify theme that's fast, easy to set up, and conversion-focused.

Nostalgia: Classic-looking Shopify theme with no-frills layout

Nostalgia is a no-frills Shopify theme for home décor brands

Price: $250

Demo: View Demo store

URL: Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a Shopify theme for home decor brands with high product volumes. This theme sticks to the basics and excels at it. You’ll get an attractive layout for your product catalog, over 30 customizable sections, and additional templates for pages with a contact form, map, or brand introduction.

Nostalgia noteworthy features include:

  • Customizable page sections
  • Page templates
  • In menu promos
  • Cross-selling
  • Collection pages

Multiple customer reviews praise Nostalgia’s responsive customer service, so you’ll get timely support from the theme developers if you encounter any issues. The theme is relatively new in the Shopify theme store, but based on the 100% positive review rating, it’s worth your attention.

Mavon: Versatile Shopify theme for dropshipping stores

Mavon is a fast, versatile Shopify theme for large inventory stores

Price: $280

Demo: View Demo store

Theme URL: Mavon

Mavon can be a good choice for home decor stores with multiple product lines or extensive catalogs. This theme is designed specifically for dropshippers, so one of the key promises is the minimal effort required to set up and launch a store from scratch. Among other solid features, you’ll find advanced filtering and a mega menu.

Mavon’s feature set also includes the following:

  • Press coverage
  • Stock counter
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Pre-order options
  • Quick buy

Mavon scores a solid 90% performance rating and a Time to Interactive score of 1.0s on GTmetrix, which means it’s a highly optimized Shopify theme that performs well on speed and user experience.

5 questions to help you choose a Shopify theme for your home decor brand

All the Shopify themes on this list are solid choices if you’re redesigning your existing store or launching a new home decor business.

But if you’re still unsure which theme to choose, ask yourself these five questions to help you make an informed decision.

1. What are your top 3 must-have features?

Before you decide on a Shopify theme, ask yourself what you’re looking for. Brands that rely on video marketing will require themes that support dynamic video content, while products with multiple color or design variants should prioritize themes offering multiple color swatches.

It’s possible to use third-party apps to compensate for missing features. However, too many apps can slow down your store and possibly cause conflicts with your theme, affecting conversions and site stability. Hence, ensure your Shopify theme includes your must-have features before buying.

2. How many products do you have?

Research from Forrester shows that over half of US adults rely more on search than menus while shopping online, while 57% often use product filters to narrow search results. Your shortlisted theme should have suitable filters, search functionality, and menus to organize your products to suit your customers' product discovery needs.

For example, a multi-departmental store will need more powerful search filters than a niche home decor store. Look for features like mega menu, search recommendations, collections, and filters that improve product discovery and boost engagement.

3. How well does the theme showcase your products?

Your customers can’t smell or touch your products while shopping online, so your product pages need to do the heavy lifting of attracting attention, addressing objections, and compelling them to purchase.

Photos and videos showing your home decor products in use or placed in real-life living spaces help customers know if your products fit in their space or how they'll use them, helping them decide whether to buy.

Besides image and video support, look for features that help you showcase your merchandise, like:

  • Image zoom for textured products
  • Color and material swatches to compare similar versions of the same product
  • Lookbooks and hotspots
  • Before and after sliders for visual storytelling

4. How fast does your Shopify theme load?

Experiment data from Portent shows that the website conversion rate drops by 4.42% with every additional second of load time. In other words, if people come to your store and do not convert, your website load speeds might affect site conversions.

Most home decor Shopify themes listed here score an A on page speed tester GTmetrix. However, your website theme is not the only factor affecting load times. Other factors include image or video size, hosting capacity, and database optimization. By following best practices to optimize page load time, you’ll provide a great user experience and reduce bounce rate.

5. Does the theme include sales-boosting features?

Online consumers can get easily distracted as they contemplate or research an item in your store. Look out for features that tap into human psychology to guide customers and encourage them to decide quicker. Such features can help with the following:

  • Reduce analysis paralysis with product collections and quick-buy buttons.
  • Overcome objections or hesitations with customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Reward customers to add more items to their cart with a free shipping countdown bar.
  • Draw attention to an ongoing promotion with banners and popups.

Invest in the right Shopify theme to grow your home decor business

The right Shopify theme customized to your business needs can pay for itself many times over with increased sales, sleek user experience, and memorable branding.

Remember, you only pay for your Shopify theme if you publish it to your store, so use this list to find a theme that fits your business needs and aligns with your vision.

Joshua Poh is a freelance content writer for B2B digital analytics, martech, e-commerce, and fintech companies. He specializes in creating long-form, journalistic-style content that makes potential customers think: “Wow, this brand knows its stuff! They've got exactly what I need.

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