Meet Advanced and Multiple-Option Swatches for Your Shopify Store

Meet Advanced and Multiple-Option Swatches for Your Shopify Store
Ann Ashen Ann Ashen Jun 23, 2023 —  3 min read

It’s been a month since we released Aurora theme, and we're thrilled to present its first major update – version 1.5.0.

The highlight of this update lies in the groundbreaking color swatches.

Let us show you why it’s so exciting.

Advanced swatches

When researching existing Shopify themes, we noticed something. Most times, color swatch options were limited to plain shapes and single colors. It’s pretty disappointing because swatches are essential for product showcasing and navigation.

No wonder there are so many dedicated Shopify apps just for creating better color swatches!

We quickly realized that we want something different for Aurora. And that’s how we came up with advanced swatches.

Aurora users will now have way more flexibility when setting up shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns for swatches.

This is what to look for in the new version 👇

New swatch shapes

Moving beyond the usual circles and squares, Aurora now brings portrait and landscape-oriented rectangles. If you want to use swatches for displaying product variant images instead of colors or textures, these shapes will be your ideal choice.

New swatch sizes

In the new version, you can adjust the size of swatches across your store. While small swatches continue to be a widely used option, larger swatches can improve your website accessibility and create an overall better customer experience.

New multicolor swatches

Finally, you’ll be able to create multicolor swatches easier. For any custom swatch, simply combine color codes or color keywords either in the theme settings or directly in your products admin. This option comes in handy if you want to more accurately represent multi-colored products and enhance multicolor product filtering.

Multiple-option swatches

The second part of this update is the introduction of multiple-option swatches. This means you can use multiple sets of swatches to display product options beyond color. For example, you can create swatches for product materials, textures, or even depict the degrees of coffee roast levels.

The swatch options come in two categories:

1. Primary swatch option

The primary swatch option is designed for representing ‘Color’. Primary swatch options are displayed on product pages, product cards in carousels and grids across your store, as well as within the search and collection filters.

💡There can only be one primary option, and this is the only option where you can use variant images within swatches.

2. Secondary swatch options

Secondary swatch options are meant for showcasing product characteristics beyond just colors. You can create more than one secondary swatch option, and you can add them to product pages as well as to search filters.

Multiple-option swatches are an easy way to enhance your product presentation and navigation for customers. Essentially, you can use color swatches to showcase all product options in your store!

Combined variant picker

Feel like you might want a bit more versatility for your swatches? Then you’ll like the last piece of this update.

We've enhanced product variant pickers, like buttons and dropdown menus, with smaller integrated swatches. You can now create combined pickers that will contain both the option value name and its visualization.

We hope you’re as excited about this update as we are. Go ahead and start exploring the new features of your theme! Got any suggestions for our next update? Share your ideas on our Slack channel or email us at

Haven’t seen Aurora in action yet? Install the unlimited free trial version and explore it for yourself. And if you’re already using it for your store, go ahead and update your theme version.

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