How to Choose a Single-Product Shopify Theme for Your Store

How to Choose a Single-Product Shopify Theme for Your Store
Ivan Kreimer Ivan Kreimer Mar 14, 2024 —  8 min read

I know how hard it is to find the right single-product Shopify theme for your brand. With countless themes available in the marketplace, each boasting its unique features and designs, where do you even begin?

As an ecommerce store owner who sells only one product, you need a theme that not only presents it effectively, but also turns visitors into buyers.

I understand the pressure and the challenge, which is why I’ve done the hard work for you. After analyzing over 1,000 Shopify themes, I found the best ones for your brand.

So today, you’ll see what makes a great single-product Shopify theme and which themes you can pick for your brand.

Let’s get started.

What to look for in a single-product Shopify theme: a checklist

Aesthetic appeal

In the ecommerce world, first impressions matter. Your theme’s aesthetic appeal shapes these impressions, especially when you only sell one product.

A great theme must be visually pleasing to attract visitors, keep them engaged, and reflect your brand’s quality and trustworthiness.

Remember: your single product is the star of the show, and the theme should showcase it in the best light possible.

Visual storytelling

As more brands enter the ecommerce space, storytelling plays an even greater role in how brands stand out and connect with their audiences.

As such, your theme must enable you to weave a compelling narrative around your product through a combination of images, videos, and text.

Example of brand storytelling elements in a single-product Shopify theme

When done properly, a brand story can enhance emotional engagement and make your product more memorable. The goal isn't to list product features but to tell a story that resonates with your audience.

Ease of customization

Selling a single product requires you to choose a theme that effectively adapts to your vision and communicates your product and brand.

To do so, a Shopify theme must provide easy customization options to ensure it aligns with your brand identity — from the color scheme and typography to the layout and feature placement.

Conversion optimization

Your Shopify theme must intuitively guide visitors from browsing to purchasing with a seamless user journey.

Look for a theme with effective conversion-boosting features like product reviews, promo banners, and stock counters.

Mixty, in a single-product Shopify store, displays customer reviews on product pages

After all, a well-optimized Shopify theme doesn’t just make your product look good — it makes it sell well too.

Speed and performance

Online shoppers are increasingly impatient, with many leaving a site that takes too long to load. According to Portent, conversion rates are 3x higher for ecommerce sites that load in one second.

Therefore, your Shopify theme needs to be optimized for speed and performance. Additionally, your theme should be compatible across different devices and browsers, ensuring a consistent shopping experience for all your visitors.

10 best single-product Shopify themes in 2024

Aurora: A well-balanced Shopify theme for single-product stores

Aurora is a well-balanced Shopify theme for single-product stores

Aurora is a versatile and highly customizable Shopify theme developed by Getsitecontrol (i.e., us).

Its versatile sections and blocks will let you create a distinct store and adjust its appearance to perfectly match your branding. With its unique in-menu promos, you can make the most of your header by adding images, videos, and product collections to the mega menu.

Aurora also provides exhaustive information about your product with custom blocks and information drawers. Its design is particularly effective for visual brand storytelling, using high-resolution images and videos to create a strong impact.

Than Healthy Co is a single-product Shopify store using Aurora themeSingle-product Shopify store using Aurora theme: That Healthy Co

Aurora’s features are designed to create a persuasive user experience and boost conversion rates. These features include:

  • In-menu promos
  • Quick view & quick buy
  • Cross-selling
  • Stock counter
  • Advanced custom swatches
  • Lookbooks

The back-to-top button and sticky header further enhance site navigation, making Aurora a theme that looks good and makes it easy for your visitors to shop on any device.

Shapes: A unique, retro-inspired theme for funky brands

Shapes is a dedicated Shopify theme for single-product stores

Shapes theme has made quite an impression with a perfect score from 27 reviews. Developed by Switch, this theme stands out by its ability to showcase product images in over 40 unique shapes, ensuring your single-product store stands out from the crowd.

You can add stickers, patterns, shapes, and dividers to sections, making store customization fun and creative. Additionally, Shapes supports the sale of age-restricted products with an age verification feature, making it a great choice for stores selling items like alcohol or tobacco.

Other valuable features include quick-buy, industry icons, comparison tables, and flavor scales.

Dalmatain is a single-product Shopify store using Shapes themeSingle-product store using Shapes theme: Dalmatian

You can also automatically translate your content into French, Italian, German, and Spanish, making it ideal for stores targeting European, African, and Latin American markets.

Finally, its color swatches, mega menu, sticky header, and product reviews contribute to an excellent user experience.

Whisk: A minimalist, conversion-focused theme

Whisk is a minimalistic single-product Shopify theme

Whisk is a contemporary, colorful, conversion-optimized Shopify theme developed by Coquelicot. With a unique mix-and-match product variant selector, Whisk allows for a creative design with sharp curved borders and shapes for images and sections.

You can also add recipes and recommended products to any blog article, facilitating direct cart additions from the blog itself.

Jian is a single-product store using Whisk Shopify themeSingle-product store using Whisk theme: Jian

Some of the Whisk’s best features are:

  • A quick-buy button
  • An age verifier
  • A dedicated FAQ page
  • Promotional banners
  • Usage information tabs

Whisk isn’t just a stylish theme but also one packed with features that will enhance the user experience and drive conversions.

Elomus: A versatile single-product Shopify theme

Elomus is a versatile single-product Shopify theme

Elomus, developed by Mass Technologist, is a versatile theme with a solid rating of 4.55 stars from 29 reviews. Its robust selection of sections and drag & drop layouts includes 25+ homepages, 6 product pages, and 8 blog pages, offering your brand a wide range of design possibilities.

This theme stands out with separate, unique page layouts for About Us, Photo Gallery, FAQs, and Contact Us pages. It also provides 30+ pre-made unique demos for easy and quick store setup.

Elomus goes the extra mile with multiple header options to tailor your store’s look and feel. It comes with a pre-built testimonials section and an Instagram feed integration. A back-to-top button enhances site navigation, making Elomus a user-friendly and highly customizable single-product Shopify theme.

Origin: A theme for budget-conscious brands

Origins is a free single-product Shopify theme

Origin, a free theme developed by Shopify, is a stylish option for makers selling unique pieces. It marries a neutral color palette with quirky typography, giving a fun touch to your online store.

One of Origin’s unique features is its structured layouts, allowing you to share your buyers' stories. Its flexible design and customization settings allow you to fulfill your vision without touching any code.

The setup steps for this theme are minimal, making it easy for a fast launch.

West Kent is a single-product sore using the Origin themeSingle-product store using Origin theme: West Kent

Among Origin’s best features, you have:

  • Promotional banners
  • Dedicated FAQ pages
  • A stock counter
  • Image galleries
  • Detailed usage information

Origin is a perfect blend of style and functionality, which create an engaging user experience for more conversions.

Startup: A Shopify theme for single-product dropshippers

Startup is a single-product Shopify theme for dropshippers

Startup, developed by Pixel Union, is a theme designed explicitly for single-product stores and dropshippers. With an 83% positive score from 96 reviews, this theme has many exciting features.

One is its customizable testimonials section, putting your customers’ reviews front and center to build brand trust. With minimal setup steps required, you can launch your store swiftly.

Startup is optimized for longer-form text sections, making it ideal for embedding your brand story.

Checkpup is a single-product pet health store using the Startup theme for ShopifySingle-product store using Startup: Checkpup

Other interesting features to use are:

  • Promotional banners
  • Product reviews
  • In-store pickups
  • A store locator
  • High-resolution images

Overall, Startup is an ideal theme for a single-product store aiming to make a big impact.

Boom: A robust single-product Shopify theme

Boom is a budget-friendly single-store Shopify theme by Design themes

Boasting a near-perfect score of 4.99 stars from 99 reviews and 3000+ downloads, Boom by Design Themes is a favorite among Shopify store owners.

Boom stands out thanks to its 70+ skins, with new ones released weekly, catering to niches in categories like:

  • Sports
  • Appliances
  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Interior design
  • Cosmetics

Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder allows you to customize your Shopify store, giving it a unique and attractive look.

According to the developer, Boom can save you over $1,350 annually in Shopify apps thanks to their built-in features such as:

  • Cart summary
  • Order tracking
  • Currency switcher

All of these factors make Boom a budget-friendly yet powerful single-product Shopify theme.

Fresh: A theme perfect for food and drink brands

Boom is a single-product Shopify theme for food and beverage brands

Fresh is a theme uniquely tailored for food and drink stores, providing three presets with unlimited customization possibilities. Developed by Eight Themes, it has received 13 positive reviews out of 17.

Fresh supports advanced product filtering, allowing customers to easily navigate and refine their searches. It includes a seamlessly integrated age verification feature, making it an excellent choice for stores selling age-restricted products.

Fresh is designed to handle high-transaction volumes and is optimized for stores involved in in-person selling, providing a comprehensive solution for a wide range of business needs.

Mixty is a single-product Shopify store using the Fresh themeSingle-product store using Fresh: Mixty

Some of Fresh’s key features include:

  • In-menu promotions
  • A mega menu
  • A sticky header
  • Infinite scroll

Fresh's features along with its distinctive focus on food and drink stores, make it an appealing choice for single-product Shopify stores in this niche.

Launch: Ideal for flash sales and nonprofits

Launch is a single-product Shopify theme ideal for flash sales

If you want to share your single-product line with the world, Launch’s clean, no-fuss design will help you get a polished store up and running quickly.

With a strong approval rating of 87% from 69 reviews, Launch by Pixel Union has been proven to work for hundreds, if not thousands, of brands.

Its unique app-like tools are designed to boost pre-sales, launch Kickstarter campaigns, and enhance product and brand education. It also showcases technical specifications and product details prominently on the product page, giving customers all the information they need.

Miravac is a single-product Shopify store using Launch themeSingle-product store using Launch theme: Miravac

Launch also comes with features for running time-based promotions, making it a perfect fit for stores that fundraise for social or charitable causes. Some other features are:

  • A store locator
  • Age verifier
  • Sticky header
  • Pre-order option
  • Dedicated FAQ pages

Launch’s features make it an excellent choice for single-product Shopify stores with a strong mission.

Booster Theme: A powerful theme made for generating conversion

Boost is a theme that works well for single-product Shopify themes

With a solid 4.2-star rating from 90 reviews on Trustpilot, the Booster Theme stands out as one of the most customizable and conversion-focused Shopify themes on the market.

To start, it removes all the traditional theme restrictions, giving you complete control over your store’s appearance and user experience.

Booster Theme also excels in speed performance, achieving a Grade A in GTmetrix, a 90+ performance score in PageSpeed Insights, and boasting an average of 1.14s loading time.

Booster claims that it can save you up to $281 per month by eliminating the need for Shopify apps and integrating their features directly into the theme.

Booster’s top features include:

  • Promotion timers
  • A recently-bought notification bar
  • Dynamic checkout
  • A GDPR cookie bar
  • A customizable cart page

Booster Theme is an excellent choice for single-product stores prioritizing speed, performance, and extensive customization options.

Wrapping up

If you are ready to launch your brand or remake your Shopify theme, these 10 options will give you everything you could need to get started.

Just pick a theme that best fits your needs, budget, and brand style, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re unsure what theme is the best, try their demos and see how they look and work in real life.

One thing is for sure: with these themes, your single-product store will have an easy time converting visitors into raving fans.

Ivan Kreimer is a freelance content writer for hire who creates educational content for SaaS businesses like Leadfeeder and Campaign Monitor. In his pastime, he likes to help people become freelance writers. Besides writing for smart people who read sites like Getsitecontrol, Ivan has also written in sites like Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs, TheNextWeb, and many other influential websites.

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