Meet New Email Editor, Enhanced Template Gallery, and AI Writing Assistant

Meet New Email Editor, Enhanced Template Gallery, and AI Writing Assistant
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Feb 15, 2024 —  5 min read

If you send promo emails to your subscribers and customers, we have exciting news.

Getsitecontrol’s email editor has received a major overhaul, allowing you to create stunning, professional-looking emails within minutes.

The key updates in this new version include:

  • Brand-new email template gallery
  • Set of new email editor features
  • Built-in AI writing assistant

Let’s delve into how you can leverage these new features to your advantage.

At Getsitecontrol, we understand that not all users are professional designers. That's why one of our primary goals was to make it easy to create beautiful emails quickly – and without having to start from scratch. In this spirit, we have reworked and expanded our premade email template gallery.

The new gallery features two types of templates:

  • Generic email templates
  • Email templates inspired by brands

You’ll find generic templates at the top of the gallery. They’re designed to announce sales, feature new products, and promote limited-time offers.

Scrolling further down, you will discover a collection of email templates inspired by some of our favorite brands.

These emails are fully pre-designed, so all you need to do is select the one that best aligns with your brand's style, replace the images with your own, and edit the text.

Preview of the updated email editor in Getsitecontrol

Once you’ve crafted your email, you can save it to your personal template gallery for future use.

Button allowing for saving emails as templates in Getsitecontrol

Email editor overhaul

Another objective of this update was to provide more versatility in design settings, allowing you to fine-tune emails precisely to your vision. To achieve this, we've implemented the following changes:

  1. We added two new text elements to the email design menu.
  2. We broke down email structure in five blocks you can design independently.
  3. We further expanded design settings for each element of the email.

In the next sections, we’ll cover each of these updates.

New elements: Text banner and Scrolling text

The new text elements are available in the Insert menu:

Text banner and Scrolling text elements added to the email editor menu in Getsitecontrol

You can use them to create an accentuated piece of text or drive attention to a time-sensitive offer.

Text banner

Text banners are exactly what they sound like. Using the settings on the right, you can adjust the width of the text banner, smooth out the corners, change the colors of its background and border.

Scrolling text

Scrolling text is a marquee-style text banner. You can adjust text, separator icons, scrolling direction, color scheme, size, and make the scrolling text clickable, redirecting customers to a URL of your choice.

New email structure

Unlike the previous version where you worked on the email as a whole, the new version divides emails into five blocks that you can customize independently:

  • Preheader
  • Header
  • Body
  • Footer
  • Mandatory links

Main email blocks in Getsitecontrol email editor

Let’s see what each block represents.


This optional block at the top features a link to the web version of your email. You can also use it to add your own microcopy.

Preheader position and settings

The email header is a crucial block where you can feature your brand logo and the link menu. This is where you want to place links to your product categories, the most relevant collections, or current offers.

Header position and settings

You can adjust the logo and menu alignment, sizing, and color. Similar to the preheader, the header is an optional block, so you can disable it if needed.


The email body is the main part of an email containing the key content. In the new version, you can not only fine-tune the text but also the design of the entire email body block, ensuring it truly reflects your brand.

The footer section houses your company’s address and social media pages, and it has become more customizable, too. For example, you can now include clickable text, adjust the style and alignment of social media icons.

Container settings

Every email block and element – including images, countdown timers, buttons, dividers, and others – now comes with additional settings called “Container settings.”

Container settings include:

  • Width of the element
  • Radius of its corners
  • Border width
  • Color scheme
  • Top and bottom paddings

Container settings in Getsitecontrol email editor

Container settings are there to help you align the appearance of all email elements or make a particular element stand out.

Built-in AI assistant

Finally, the email editor now includes a built-in AI writing assistant that can be used for your subject line, email preview, and email body text. This AI assistant helps you improve your copy or generate text from scratch. Let’s see it in action!

Text generation

To generate text from scratch, activate the assistant by clicking on the magic button or pressing the Space key. Next, specify the type of text you need, provide a short prompt, and select the desired tone of voice.

AI writing assistant, built into Getsitecontrol email editor

For example, here is how to generate a friendly introduction for a restock alert email within seconds 👇

Unhappy with the first version? Keep hitting the ‘Generate’ button until you like the result, and then feel free to fine-tune it manually.

Text improvement

If you want to improve the existing text, select the text or place the cursor anywhere within it and hit the AI assistance button. The text improvement menu will appear.

Text improvement menu in the built-in AI assistant

The menu options are quite self-explanatory. Here is what happens if you select any of them:

  • Improve writing – AI will suggest different wording.
  • Make shorter – AI will shorten the text.
  • Make longer – AI will lengthen the text.
  • Fix spelling & grammar – AI will fix mistakes without changing the wording.
  • Change tone – AI will rephrase the text using a different tone of voice.
  • Translate – AI will translate the text to any language.

Below is what the process looks like in real life:

If you need to generate or improve your email subject or email preview, the process is identical. Just activate the assistant and proceed with the next steps.

While AI can't fully capture your brand’s tone of voice or sense of humor, it can significantly reduce the time spent on copywriting and overcome writer's block.

Start sending professional-looking email broadcasts with Getsitecontrol

With these updates, our email editor empowers you to design beautiful, professional-looking broadcasts faster, and with less effort. If you haven’t explored it yet, now is the perfect time to get started!

Got any questions about sending broadcasts via Getsitecontrol? Talk to us via a live chat or leave a message on our Slack channel.

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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