Meet Getsitecontrol 2.0: Popup Creation Game Taken to a New Level

Meet Getsitecontrol 2.0: Popup Creation Game Taken to a New Level
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Apr 13, 2020 —  7 min read

In 2019 we released a new version of Getsitecontrol. And it failed dramatically.

What seemed intuitive to us, turned out to be way too confusing for our customers.

So, during the past 6 months, we were rebuilding everything from scratch, and we’re finally ready to show you the result.

Meet Getsitecontrol 2.0! 🥳

Prepare to be blown away by:

  • remastered dashboard
  • extensive image gallery
  • lots of stylish templates
  • CSS editor for widgets
  • perfect mobile appearance
  • fullscreen popups
  • shareable online forms
  • sophisticated targeting
  • multi-page online forms
  • and more

There is a lot to review, so let’s get right to it.

New dashboard: better, faster, stronger

There are two main ideas behind the new Getsitecontrol dashboard.

First, we wanted to simplify it, so that even people with zero technical skills could create beautiful widgets within minutes. This is why on every step of the widget creation journey, there are now templates and presets to help you get to the end result faster.

The second goal was to leave enough space for fine-tuning so that the popups would look impeccable on any website, any screen, and most importantly – in the eyes of their creators.

Now, here is exactly what’s new in the dashboard.

Layout templates

In the new version, you start creating a widget by choosing a template that sets the entire layout. All you need to do at the next screen is to adjust the copy and select an image from the gallery.

New Getsitecontrol dashboard: widget layout templates

Widget position

There is also more flexibility for selecting a widget position on a webpage. Slide-ins, bars, and panels got additional spots where they can appear. For example, there are four new positions for slide-ins, and in addition to sticky bars, you can now use floating bars at the top or bottom of a page.

Image presets and settings

Switching the position of an image on your widget now takes one click due to the image presets. Place the image into a container, stretch it to the size of the widget; apply flip, rotation, and opacity effects to it.

Image presets allow you to change the position of the image in one click

Note that you can add more than just one image to a popup. So if you always wanted to add your company logo or any signature clipart, you can do it with the new version.

Theme settings

The Appearance tab now includes a new section called Theme. It allows you to quickly change the style of the field containers, font, and colors. Use these settings to make the widget match your website look.

The new Theme section helps fine-tune the color theme, fonts, and style of the widget

Stunning live preview

The preview window has also been remastered. It now gives you a clearer picture of how the widget will look on different screens. Switch between the desktop and the mobile device modes, select various screen resolutions and use Zoom to keep a closer eye on the details.

CSS editor

If you’re an advanced user with a bit of coding knowledge and you’d like to tweak a thing or two about your widget, there is a CSS editor available. Use it for manually changing the layout, fonts, colors, the sizes of the elements, and more.

With just a few lines of code, you’ll be able to adjust the appearance of the widget in any way you want.

The CSS editor is now available in the Getsitecontrol popup builder

Need design ideas for inspiration? Pick a widget from the template gallery, open it in the Getsitecontrol dashboard, and check its CSS code to find out how to achieve a particular look.

You’ll learn more about the template gallery in just a minute. In the meantime, let us introduce another long-awaited collection of visuals.

Unlimited stunning visuals for your popups

After reading the introduction above, you’re probably resisting the urge to let your creativity take over and start designing a perfect popup right now. Hold on just one second, there is another big surprise waiting for you.

Brand new image gallery. 💥

Yes, we’ve added a built-in gallery with thousands of creative assets. You can choose among:

  • stickers available in 3 styles (linear, linear color, and flat)
  • high-quality stock pictures and backgrounds from Unsplash

The gallery is broken down by themes, so you can quickly find a beautiful visual that will match your niche.

Getsitecontrol 2.0 brings an extensive gallery of stock images

Now if you need to add a creative to your widget, there is no need to leave the dashboard and look for it elsewhere. The new gallery should be more than sufficient. Plus, you can always upload images from your computer.

The cherry on top? Quick image import from any website or Instagram.

Upload any picture from the web and place it on your widget

Yep, you read it right. Type an account name, a link, or a hashtag, and Getsitecontrol will pull out anything there is to be found for your search.

Now, for those who prefer quick, ready-made solutions, we’ve launched a one-of-a-kind Getsitecontrol widget template gallery.

Here is how it works. Pick a widget you like, make just one click, and voila – it’s added to your dashboard and ready to be published on your website.

This is the fastest way to add popups to a website we’re aware of!

The templates are conveniently categorized based on their styles, webpage positions, and the tasks they help you fulfill. For instance, you can quickly find the right tool for:

  • Collecting email addresses
  • Letting visitors contact you
  • Conducting online surveys
  • Placing site notifications
  • Adding sticky CTA buttons

Every widget has been carefully crafted by professional designers from our team. And because most website owners add at least 2-3 widgets to a website, it’s a great opportunity to get a combo of matching widgets.

For example, this is an email subscription form template from our spring collection:

Go ahead and click on the template to see it in action. If you like it, make sure to check out a survey template and a CTA popup template designed in the same style.

And by the way, the gallery is updated weekly.

Extra attention to widgets for mobile

Mobile traffic is a crucial source of conversions. You don’t need us to tell you that.

That means the way your widgets look on mobile screens is also crucial. And just like you adapt your website for mobile to improve user experience, you should make sure your widgets are mobile-friendly too.

Think about it. There are many cases when a popup that looks great on a desktop screen would look obtrusive on a smartphone.

That’s why from now on, you can adjust the appearance of your mobile widgets in a separate tab.

A separate tab has been implemented to create better popups for mobile

Specifically, you can manually adapt the widget’s width, the size of the paddings, upload a different image, and change its size and location as well.

Distraction-free fullscreen popups

Fullscreens have been around for ages, and we decided it was time to implement them in Getsitecontrol. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “fullscreens” are popup overlays that take up the entire user screen when displayed.

Fullscreen popups create a distraction-free experience for website visitors

Fullscreens are great for creating a distraction-free experience for visitors who are filling out the form, and therefore, such forms typically have higher submission rates.

Audience targeting settings got an extra layer

The widget targeting settings have become more flexible.

In addition to the display trigger conditions, the AND and OR operators are now available in Getsitecontrol. Using filters, you can create more precise audience segments and advanced conditions for when to start or when to stop displaying the widget. Plus you can combine these segments to apply deeper-level targeting.

If you’re not familiar with the AND and OR operators, here is how they work. When you select more than one condition and apply the AND operator, the widget will only display when all the conditions are met. When you use the OR operator, the widget will display if at least one of the conditions has been met.

Sophisticated widget targeting settings help create laser-precise audience segments

Here are examples to help you understand how to apply this new feature.

Build complex audience segments with laser precision

Previously, you were able to set a simple targeting rule based on the audience characteristics – their location, language, device, UTM, and others. The new toolset allows you to overlay multiple conditions and apply a more personalized approach.

For example, if you’d want to target website visitors located in Germany and France except for those living in the capitals, this is how you’d go about it:

Using the AND and OR operators to segment target audience on a website

Start and stop displaying widgets based on user behavior

Don't want to be too aggressive with your subscription form? If a visitor has already subscribed, use the targeting settings to never show it to them again. And if they've closed the widget, set it to display again in one week's time.

With the same logic in mind, you can start displaying a widget if a visitor has met any of the multiple conditions you select. For instance, if they have spent 20 seconds on a page, OR if they scrolled down 50% of a page, OR if they’ve been inactive for over a minute.

Create a multi-level schedule to display widgets

Based on your goals, you can display a special offer popup during specific hours on weekdays OR all day during the weekend.

Multi-page forms and popups

With the new version, widgets can have multiple pages. Previously, Getsitecontrol allowed you to create a submission success page, but now you can go far beyond that.

Add as many pages as you want and set up each one independently. Use this feature to design welcome pages, break long questionnaires into smaller parts, customize success pages, and just create widgets of any complexity.

Paired with the fullscreen display option, this is a perfect way to conduct full-feature research!

And there is more…

Before you jump to create an account and try all the new stuff available in Getsitecontrol, there are a few more features worth mentioning.

First, upon widget button click, you can now close the widget, open the next page, open URL, or launch another widget.

Second, you’ll be able to set up integrations on a widget level, not on a website level. And every widget can now have multiple integrations on its own.

Third, you can now place multiple buttons on a widget. Use them to add “rejection” opt-out buttons and create various scenarios for what happens upon a click.

Finally, you can add as many images as you want to any widget, whether it’s a survey, a contact form, a panel, or a floating bar.

We know. That’s a lot of good news to process!

Ready give it a try?

For our small team, this release is a big step forward. It takes the idea of widget creation to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Go ahead, create a new Getsitecontrol account and check out the remastered version right now.

Do you have any questions? Comments? Ideas? Want to brag about a popup you’ve created with the new tools? Mention @Getsitecontrol on Twitter or drop us a line at

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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