Access Pre-Designed Templates Right from Your Dashboard

Access Pre-Designed Templates Right from Your Dashboard
Natti Larsson Natti Larsson Jun 25, 2020 —  2 min read

Want to create a perfect widget for your website in no time? What can be faster than picking a template?

We wanted to take the widget creation process to the next level of convenience. That is why we’ve imported the template gallery right into your dashboard. Now, it’s easier than ever to find the right popup for your website!

Most importantly, all the templates are now perfectly categorized by their webpage positions, purposes, and themes.

Never heard about our Themes? These are the groups of templates designed in the same exclusive style. There are now 4 themes available: Starter, Newspaper, Spring, and Candy. More awesome themes are coming soon, so stay posted not to miss the next update. 😎

Here is the best part. There is no need to open each template to see how it will look on your website. Once you apply the filters, you’ll be able to preview all the popups that meet your requirements in a single carousel.

The process of looking through the templates in a carousel

If you'd like to stick to one style, apply the Theme filter and search through the templates. If you have a specific goal in mind — say, you need to conduct a survey or grow your email list — choose the purpose and see what's available.

Pick a template you like most and it will be added directly to your dashboard. Feel free to customize it by changing the text, colors, replacing the picture, or creating additional pages — basically, do anything you need to achieve that perfect look.

Sounds good, right? Then let us show it in action.

Let’s say you need a customer satisfaction survey for your website. See how fast you can create it.

  1. Go to your dashboard and click +Create widget.
  2. In your widget editor, click 💙 Try pre-designed templates.
  3. In the Template gallery go to Conduct surveys and choose Customer satisfaction.
  4. Filter widgets by the theme or position and click Create widget once you find the one that looks best for you.

The process of finding a survey with a built-in search

Well done! Now you can change the text to add personalization to your survey.

What about the image? Leave it as is or add another creative to match your website’s style.

You can either import images from your computer, or website, but we personally think that the best option is to pick a high-quality image with the built-in search from Unsplash or choose an illustration from our gallery.

Once you’re done editing the survey, just activate it on your website to start collecting valuable feedback from your visitors.

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