How to create an online job application form


  1. Click Create widget → choose Contact
  2. On the Appearance choose a color and position for the form
  3. Switch to Content → click Choose template → choose Job application form
  4. (Optional) Add new fields, remove custom fields, reorder fields by drag-and-drop
  5. Switch to Success page to check the final message
  6. Click OK → activate the widget

If you want to accept job applications through your website, use GetSiteControl to create a custom online job application form that will send new applications straight to your email inbox. Start with our job application form template and then customize the form to meet your specific needs. Add or remove fields, easily reorder fields by drag-n-drop to collect the details you need. Follow the steps below to build a perfect employment application form and publish it on your website. No coding skills required!

Step 1

Open your GetSiteControl dashboard and click the Create widget button to create a new widget. Select Contact from the drop-down list.

How to create an online job application form

Step 2

On the Appearance tab choose where on the page you want the form to be positioned. Switch between available position options using the corresponding icons at the top of the tab. You can see the result in the preview window.

Here you can also change the form's color. Pick one main color and have all other colors automatically matched or choose custom colors for the form's elements (button, text, etc.)

How to create an online job application form

Step 3

Switch to the Content tab and click on the Choose template link to select one of the available form templates. Choose Job application form.

How to create an online job application form

You can choose to leave the fields as they are if they suit your needs. You can also add new fields and remove any of the existing ones if necessary.

Use the Remove option to remove an existing field. If you want to add a new field, use the +Add field button that will open the list of available field types.

You can reorder the fields by dragging and dropping them.

How to create an online job application form

Step 4

If you want to change the success message that's shown after the form is filled out, switch to the Success page tab.

How to create an online job application form

The Final action is what happens after someone fills out the form. The default option is to show the 'thank you' message. You can also choose to simply close the form or redirect the respondent to another page.

Step 5

The last three tabs are optional. You can leave these settings as they are by default.

Step 6

When you are done editing your form, click OK to save the changes. When you first create a widget it's deactivated which means it's not yet live on your actual website. You can leave it deactivated if you want to make changes to the form before publishing it. If you are ready to publish the form on your website, activate it.

How to create an online job application form

After you activate the widget, it will go live on your website at once. When someone fills it in, you will receive an email notification and will be able to reply to the applicant right from your email inbox.

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