Use the “Thank you for contacting us” message to encourage further action

Use the “Thank you for contacting us” message to encourage further action
Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz 4 min read
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The form submission confirmation message may seem a tiny detail to you, yet it has a big potential for your customer engagement strategy.

It’s a part of the first impression you produce on the visitors who have filled out the form. It provides additional space to deliver your message or an incentive. Finally, it can be effectively used as a call to action and help you maintain visitors’ attention.

So, would you still type just “Thank you for contacting us” in the form success message field? Probably, not.

Below, we’ll show how to create beautiful online forms with actionable success messages and include several examples you may want to use on your website.

Here is what to include to the form submission confirmation message

Typically, after a website visitor fills out a form on your website, you want to thank them, provide additional information, and encourage them to take further action or close the popup. Let’s take a good look at each step.

Thank a visitor for filling out the form

Any action taken on your website is an effort, so even if it’s a short one-field form, make sure to thank visitors for taking the time to submit it. And don’t be afraid of modifying the standard “Thank you for contacting us” phrase depending on the context of your website and type of a form.

Here is what you can use instead:

  • “Thank you for being awesome!”
  • “Thank you for sharing this with us”
  • “You’ve just helped us get better”

Provide additional information

It’s all about making your customers and prospects happy, right? Surely, there is something that might improve their interaction experience.

Think of one piece of information that will bring value and look coherent on the form success page.

Here are several ideas that may work for you:

  • ETA. If it’s a contact form, let them know how soon you typically respond to queries.
  • Additional contact information or working hours – for those who may prefer alternative ways to communicate with you.
  • Links to helpful (or just really interesting!) pages.
  • Sale announcement or a discount coupon code. Who wouldn’t feel special after that?

Place a call to action

While your visitors are still engaged, take this opportunity to display your call to action. Are you building an email list? Driving traffic to a particular blog post or collecting feedback on website usability?

Think of what you may be able to accomplish at this last stage of form submission and consider using one of these elements:

  • A URL embedded in a button or text
  • Star rating evaluation scale
  • Optional comment field
  • Email capture field
  • Radio buttons

How to create a “Thank you for contacting us” message in Getsitecontrol

In Getsitecontrol, you can create a submission success message for any type of form: contact, survey, or email subscription.

Here’s how you set it up. Once you’ve created a form and designed its appearance, just add a second page using the “+” button in the bottom right corner as illustrated below. That additional page will display your submission success message.

How to add a second page to the form to display a submission success message

Type the title, add the main message, and decide whether you want to redirect visitors to another webpage upon button click or not.

If you prefer, you can also send an automatic message via email to every visitor who has filled out a form. It’s done via the autoresponder feature in Getsitecontrol.

Form success message templates

Feeling out of ideas? In this final part of the article, we’re providing templates you can copy for your form submission success message. Feel free to borrow and modify any of them:

Contact form success message

Thank you for contacting us!

We read every message and typically respond within 48 hours if a reply is required. Want to stay in touch? Follow us on Facebook!

* * *

We’ve got your message.

The response will be sent to the email address you’ve indicated within 2 business days. If it’s urgent, we encourage you to call us at 800 000 00 00 Have a wonderful day!

Survey form success message

Thank you for participating!

Your opinion means the world to us. Here is a 20% discount coupon code for your next purchase on our website: SURVEY

* * *

Thank you for sharing this.

You’re helping us become better. Want to stay in the loop? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

Email subscription form success message

Welcome to the club!

You’ve just made a terrific decision. Please make sure to check your inbox and confirm the subscription.

* * *


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You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Collect feedback section.

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