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Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz 6 min read

Want to grow your email list? Then the first step you need to take is to add an email opt-in form to your website.

A good email opt-in form must:

  • Match the design of your website
  • Encourage visitors to sign up
  • Appear at the right moment

With Getsitecontrol, you’ll be able to quickly create a form that meets all these criteria and display it as a modal popup, a slide-in, or a trendy sidebar like this one 👇

Like what you see? This template is easily customizable: you’ll be able to use your own copy, change the design, and choose the moment when the form should appear on a webpage.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add an email opt-in form like this one to your website. We’ll also feature a few other templates you can grab and tailor to your needs without any technical skills.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

How to create an email opt-in form in Getsitecontrol

The best place to get started with an email opt-in form is the template gallery. Look around to find the template to your taste, and when you do, follow the prompts to add it to your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

Step 1. Adjust the copy

Once in the dashboard, you can customize the opt-in form to your needs. For starters, click on the text and type your copy.

How to create an email opt-in form in Getsitecontrol

💡 It’s a good practice to add a mandatory consent checkbox to make sure your form meets the GDPR requirements. To do it, hit + Add field and select ‘Consent checkbox’ from the list. Then type the text that should be displayed next to the checkbox.

Step 2. Adjust the design

On the same screen, you can adjust the appearance of the form. For instance, to change the color theme and font, use the Theme menu at the top. To replace the image, make a click on it and proceed to Change image. You’ll access a built-in image library and will be able to find a new creative based on your niche 👇

How to change an image on an email opt-in form in Getsitecontrol

If you want to upload your own image, use the Import tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3. Create submission success message

A submission success message is what your new subscribers see after filling out the email opt-in form. In your dashboard, you’ll find it on Page 2.

Submission success message example

Use this page to thank new subscribers for joining, explain what happens next, or refer them to a relevant URL like your blog, social media, or the product page.

💡If you’re offering a lead magnet in exchange for an email subscription, your submission success message is a perfect place to deliver it!

Step 4. Set the right timing

Now that you’ve set up a fully functioning email opt-in form, you need to decide when you want to display it: instantly upon landing, after a visitor scrolls down, or after they spend X seconds on your website.

To proceed with these settings, you’ll need to open the Targeting tab in your dashboard 👇

How to set audience targeting for an email opt-in form in Getsitecontrol

Once you find the Start displaying the widget field, you can leave the pre-selected ‘at once’ condition – in that case, the opt-in form will be displayed as soon as visitors arrive at your website. Alternatively, you can delete the default condition and select a new one from the list.

You should also set the conditions in the field named Stop displaying the widget. The most common practice is to stop displaying the form forever to those who have already submitted it, yet continue displaying it to those who have closed it without submitting it.

Step 5. Integrate your email marketing software

Getsitecontrol brings a smooth integration with all the most popular email marketing apps including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, and others. If you’re already using one of these platforms, we recommend connecting them right away, so that new subscribers will go directly to your mailing list. To start the integration, open the Integrations tab, then hit + Add application and select the software you’re using.

How to integrate email opt-in form with email marketing software in Getsitecontrol

Once ready, hit Save & close and activate the form on your website using the prompts. After the form goes live on your website, you’ll be able to track its performance right in the dashboard, under the Statistics report. You’ll also be able to change the form even after it has been published.

How to get more email opt-in form submissions

By now, you should have a clear idea of how to create an email opt-in form. In this section, we’ll feature 5 more templates you can use on your website and talk about ways to get more email subscriptions.

Add an incentive to subscribe

Here is the deal. Most people aren’t too excited to receive brand newsletters because their inboxes are already cluttered. That’s why if you want to grow your list faster, it’s a good idea to incentivize your website visitors with something that is of value to them – a.k.a. a lead magnet.

The most common lead magnet examples are discounts, ebooks, and cheat sheets because new subscribers can download them via a URL embedded into your submission success message. Want to learn more? Read our dedicated guide to creating lead magnets.

Experiment with exit-intent popups

You may not know it, but some people haven’t joined your list because they have missed your email opt-in form. Others may have been distracted from signing up. In both cases, exit-intent popups are the solution. They allow you to display your call to action right before your website visitors leave

If you’re feeling hesitant about using popups at the exit, you can start displaying them to those who have spent more than a certain amount of time on your website (the Targeting settings will help you do that). This way, you can be sure you’re not approaching random people but actually inviting engaged visitors to stay connected.

Customize signup forms for different pages

Imagine, you’re reading a blog post about vegetarian recipes and an email opt-in form pops up. Which one will look more enticing to you:

  • The one offering “Best 30-minute recipes” or
  • The one offering “Best vegetarian 30-minute recipes”?

Most likely, the latter.

People are more inclined to sign up for something that falls into a category of their interests. Use this knowledge to convert more visitors by offering something similar to what they are consuming on your website, especially if you’re covering different topics.

Get creative (and straightforward) with the copy

The copy on your email opt-in form matters a lot. If you want to get more signups, your copy must be specific and value-driven.

Here are three tips to help you produce more compelling copy:

Be clear about what people are signing up for

Compare “Subscribe to our newsletter” and “Subscribe to receive our most popular articles roundups weekly”.

Use social proof when it’s relevant

Compare “Become our subscriber” and “Join 10K blogging enthusiasts who have already subscribed”.

Write value-driven CTAs

Compare “Subscribe” to “I’m in!”, “Sign me up”, “Join” or “Let’s do it!”.

Need more inspiration? Read our guide to writing epic signup calls to action.

A/B test the opt-in form

Split tests work wonders. They allow you to eliminate the guesswork and find out exactly which copy, creative, offer, and CTA combination delivers the highest conversion rates.

In Getsitecontrol, you can create several versions of an email opt-in form and A/B test their performance on your website.

Remember that you should only have one variable during the experiment to get reliable results. After some time, you’ll be able to see which form performs better and use this knowledge to grow your email list faster.

Wrapping up

Email list building is a long-term task, but you can start seeing results faster if you add a prominent email opt-in form to your website. More so, you don’t have to limit yourself to one opt-in form only. For example, it’s a common practice to have a floating bar with an email capturing form and display another one to the most engaged visitors before they exit.

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You’re reading Getsitecontrol usecase collection where we talk about the best practices for using website popups. This usecase is a part of Build email list section.

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