How to create a website notification bar

A floating notification bar is a great way to attrack the attention of your website visitors and deliver important messages without interfering with the main website content. With GetSiteControl Promo widget you can easily create a notification bar that will match your website design and place it either at the top of a page or at the bottom. You can use notification bars to deliver all kinds of messages: announce updates and changes, promote products or services and just direct visitors to any page on your website. Check our use cases gallery for more examples or read on for step-by-step instructions on how to create a notification bar for your website.

Step 1

Login to your account, click the green Create widget button and choose Promo from the drop-down list.

Click the gree Create widget button to create a new Promo widget

Step 2

Сhoose where on the page you want your Promo widget to appear. Choose the top bar or bottom bar position by clicking on the corresponding icon.


Step 3

Now choose colors for your bar. Theme color lets you pick just one main color, the colors of the button and text will be automatically selected to match the main color. Note that the colors used most often on your website will also be offered for you to choose from. The Custom colors option lets you select a custom color for each of the widget elements (buttons, background, text, etc.)


By default your bar is set to push the page content down and to float (stay visible) when the page is scrolled down. You can change these settings on the Appearance tab if necessary.


Step 4

Now switch to the Content tab and enter your message to website visitors by filling the Title and Button text fields. Make sure to include Target URL, that’s where your visitors will be taken after clicking the widget button.


Step 5

Press OK to save the changes. As soon as you activate the widget it will start to be displayed on your website. If you need to turn the widget off just deactivate it from the dashboard.


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