How to add a custom countdown timer to your Shopify store

Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz 4 min read

Of all tactics that increase sales, urgency is one of the most powerful ones. And the easiest way to instill urgency to your online store is by adding a countdown timer.

Countdown timers come in different styles, but broadly you can categorize them into two formats. The first is a large, page-wide countdown timer, which looks great on home pages, in shopping carts, and on collection pages:

Example of a page-wide countdown timer for Shopify

The second format is a smaller countdown timer that adds urgency to a specific store section, such as a product section or a newsletter signup form.

Example of a small countdown timer for Shopify

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a custom countdown timer to Shopify using a Countdown Timer app by Getsitecontrol. You’ll learn how to create fixed-date and evergreen timers and place them anywhere in your store.

Keep reading for an easy, 3-step guide. No technical skills or coding required.

Guide to adding a countdown timer to a Shopify store

Before you begin, install the Countdown Timer app on your Shopify website.

The process takes about 2 minutes. Find the app in the Shopify App Store and hit ‘Install’ – it will appear in the list of installed apps in your Shopify admin:

Getsitecontrol Countdown Timer App, main screen

Once the app is installed, proceed to the theme editor to fine-tune the timer’s location in your store.

Step 1. Choose the page or section to display the timer

If you’re adding a page-wide countdown timer, go to the theme editor and select the page where you want to display the timer. Then head to the page content sidebar on the left, click + Add section at the bottom of the sidebar and choose an evergreen or a fixed-date timer. (We’ll discuss the difference between evergreen and fixed-date countdowns in a moment).

Adding Getsitecontrol Countdown timer to a Shopify store page

If you want to add a smaller countdown timer amidst section blocks (wherever your theme allows for adding such app blocks), select the section, then click + Add block and choose timer from the list of options.

Adding Getsitecontrol Countdown timer to a section

Now, since you’ll need to choose whether you want to display an evergreen timer or a fixed-date timer, let’s talk about these modes in more detail.

Step 2. Choose between evergreen and fixed-date timer mode

Here is the difference between the two modes:

An evergreen timer counts down a certain period, starting fresh for each customer. A fixed-date timer counts down to a set date or time.

The use cases for these two timers are slightly different, too.

Evergreen timers encourage quick action, creating urgency for limited-time discounts or indicating how long a shopping cart is reserved.

When setting up an evergreen timer, you’ll need to indicate a desired period of time – usually minutes or hours – and the countdown will be triggered each time a store visitor views it.

Setting up an evergreen countdown timer for Shopify (Getsitecontrol app)

When setting up a fixed-date timer, you’ll need to specify an appointed date and time. The countdown will be going on independently from the customers who view it.

Setting up a fixed-date countdown timer for Shopify (Getsitecontrol app)

You can use fixed-date timers to build anticipation by showing how many days or hours are left to a Black Friday sale, Christmas promo, or a new collection release.

Step 3. Adjust the appearance of the timer

After adding a timer to your Shopify theme, you can fine-tune its appearance using the menu on the right.

Adjusting the appearance of the Getsitecontrol Countdown Timer

This menu is rather self-explanatory. Here are the key elements you can work with:

  • Content. Add a title and optional description, adjust text alignment and color, and include links.

  • Timer. Depending on the countdown mode, choose countdown duration or end time. Adjust the background style and time unit style.

  • Button. Optionally add a clickable call-to-action button to redirect customers.

  • Border radius & paddings. Control edge rounding and spacing between the banner and other elements on the page.

  • Colors. Adjust the colors of all timer elements.

💡 Note that for page-wide countdown timers, you can add a background image from your Shopify library or a built-in image collection.

Adding an image to a countdown banner

Finally, as you apply changes, use the mobile preview mode to make sure the timer looks good on smaller screens.

Getsitecontrol Countdown Timer App mobile preview

Add a countdown timer to your Shopify store in 3, 2, 1…

Timers are a proven way to capture visitors’ attention and boost sales. Adding one to your store will take less than half an hour, and with a 7-day free trial period, you should get to see the results even before making a commitment.

So why wait?

Start your free trial now and see how it works for you.

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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