7 Engaging Email Ideas for a Mother’s Day Jewelry Campaign

7 Engaging Email Ideas for a Mother’s Day Jewelry Campaign
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Feb 27, 2024 —  7 min read

If you own a jewelry brand, Mother's Day is probably one of the top holidays on your marketing calendar.

Yet, between crafting promotional offers, curating social media content, and organizing photoshoots, it might be hard to find enough inspiration for emails.

To help you out, we analyzed over 30 Mother’s Day email campaigns run by jewelry brands in 2023. Then we picked email examples that worked especially well.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the optimal number of emails for a Mother’s Day jewelry campaign, provide inspiring email templates, and offer catchy subject lines you can use.

But first, let’s tackle two frequently asked questions.

When is the ideal time to launch a Mother's Day promo campaign?

You can start your promo campaign as early as a month before Mother’s Day. Depending on the country where your business is operating, the actual date will vary.

Last year, some US-based jewelry brands launched their promos on April 3rd – 47 days before Mother’s Day.

Although you don’t have to follow this example, starting your campaign early is a good idea. It will position your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds before they’re inundated with offers from competitors.

How many emails should I send?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Based on our analysis, the average Mother’s Day email campaign consists of six emails. However, this number varied significantly in 2023, with some brands sending as few as four and others reaching up to 16.

Example of the entire Mother’s Day jewelry email campaign by Bryan Anthonys

With that said, the content of Mother’s Day jewelry campaigns often revolves around seven core types of emails:

  • “Want to opt out of Mother’s Day emails?”
  • “Mother's Day gift guide is here!”
  • “Hurry up! Mother's Day sale has started.”
  • “Order today to get the gift on time.”
  • “Mother’s Day sale ends tomorrow.”
  • “Give mom a gift of choice with a gift card.”
  • “Happy Mother’s Day from our team.”

Now that you’ve got the big picture, let’s look at email examples that will help guide your own strategy.

7 Examples from Mother’s Day jewelry email campaigns we love

1. Mother’s Day opt-out email

While being one of the most heart-warming holidays, Mother’s Day can also be tough on many. That’s why it’s a thoughtful practice to give your subscribers an opportunity to opt-out – right at the beginning of your campaign.

Here is how Ferko’s does it:

Ferko’s starts its Mother’s Day jewelry promo campaign with an email allowing subscribers to opt-out from Mother’s Day emails

From there, you’ll need to create a segment of those who click through the opt-out email and exclude them from future emails about Mother’s Day.

Subject line ideas for this email:

  • Mother’s Day is coming – let us know if you want to snooze our emails
  • We’re starting our Mother's Day promo soon — want to opt out?

2. Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

If you’ve ever shopped for Mother’s Day gifts, you know it can be challenging. For most people, it takes a few days to consider different options and make a decision. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start with gift recommendations.

Here is how Mejuri launched its campaign with a beautiful story and a collection of most-gifted pieces:

Mejuri’s Mother’s Day jewelry promo campaign features a customer story and a gift guide

You can also put together a gift guide broken down by categories that make sense for your brand, such as:

  • Most popular gifts
  • Personality-based gift ideas
  • Jewelry gifts for different budgets

For example, VRAI featured gift collections under $500 and under $1000 in their campaign to make it easier for customers to navigate:

VRAI Mother’s Day gift guide features collections for different budgets

If you’re using email marketing apps like Getsitecontrol, you can track what collections your customers click through and send them related recommendations.

Subject lines for a gift guide promo email:

  • Our Mother’s Day gift guide is here
  • Explore gifts for every mom
  • Shop our Mother’s Day gift collection

3. Mother’s Day sale announcement

Once you’ve warmed up your subscribers with gift ideas, it’s time to encourage them to take action. The easiest way to do that is by providing a limited-time offer. You can frame it as a sale, a BOGO promo, or a discount offer on selected items.

Bryan Anthonys is an excellent example of the third approach:

Bryan Anthonys announces a Mother’s Day sale several days after the beginning of the campaign

Note that your sale announcement is a perfect moment to remind your customers about a special collection or a gift guide. Use product cards to feature your bestsellers and drive customers straight to shop.

Subject line ideas for the sale announcement:

  • Mother’s Day sale is on! Hurry up, it’s only 3 days
  • BOGO: Save 50% on Mother's Day collection
  • Get 20% off our bestselling gifts – curated for Mother's Day

4. Mother's Day sale countdown

During the holiday season, customers’ inboxes are bombarded with promos. Distractions can be so numerous that no matter how good your deal is, there's a chance it will get overlooked. That’s why it’s a good practice to send a reminder when your sale is about to end.

Babygold sends a reminder about the end of its Mother’s Day sale

If your email marketing software allows you to use personalization, you can even feature a piece of jewelry your subscribers viewed or clicked through – to remind them what piqued their interest.

For example, I had clicked on this ring in one of the emails from Love & Crafted and later received this reminder in my inbox:

Love & Crafted sends automated recommendation emails based on the pieces customers clicked through or viewed

Subject lines for a sale countdown email:

  • Mother’s Day sale ending soon – get 30% off before it’s too late
  • Countdown is on! Shop today to save 20% on gifts for mom
  • Only 3 more days. Mother’s Day gift guide with 20% off

5. Last call to order gifts for Mother’s Day

Choosing the right gift is only a part of the holiday shopping challenge. Another tricky part is to ensure it’s delivered on time. That’s why it’s a thoughtful idea to remind your customers about shipping timelines.

There are two ways to do it. First, you can send a dedicated email featuring the shipping cutoff, as Rellery did:

Rellery sends a dedicated email with a shipping schedule during its Mother’s Day jewelry campaign

The second, less explicit way is to add your shipping schedule to every email in your Mother’s Day promo campaign. Maya Brenner did exactly that:

Babygold sends a dedicated email to remind customers about the shipping deadline for Mother’s Day

If you have different shipping options – such as regular and priority – make sure to include them, as well as minimum order amounts required to get free shipping.

Subject line ideas for the shipping cutoff email:

  • Last call for Mother’s Day gifts shipping
  • Last chance for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery
  • Order by May 7th to receive it by Mother’s Day

6. Gift card promo

Over 50% of consumers were planning to buy gift cards for their loved ones on Mother’s Day in 2023, according to Statista. Another research, done by Lendingtree, shows that for 19% of moms, a gift card is a preferred gift. That’s why you need to make sure you add a gift card option to your Mother’s Day jewelry campaign.

Consider this exemplary gift card promo from Ferko’s:

Ferko's uses the best practices when promoting a gift card option during its Mother's Day jewelry promo campaign

There are two things you can learn from this example. First, including the ‘How it works’ section is an excellent idea because it eliminates guesswork. Second, it’s a great practice to feature the image of your gift card because some customers may decide to print it, and you’ll make their job easier by inserting a pre-designed card.

Subject line ideas for the gift card promo email:

  • Let your mom choose her own gift
  • Spoil your mom with a gift of choice
  • Mother’s Day is tomorrow – celebrate with a gift card

7. Personal Mother’s Day note

Personal notes aren’t necessarily designed to drive sales, but when done right, their impact can be profound. Mother’s Day email campaigns are a beautiful opportunity for founders who want to nurture their relationship with customers to establish a deeper connection.

Our first example is a personal email from the founder of Bryan Anthonys where she shares her story from a perspective of a mother and a daughter:

Bryan Anthony’s founder adds a beautiful personal note to her Mother’s Day jewelry promo campaign

The second example in this category is by Aurate’s founders who put together an inspiring collection of customer stories on what motherhood means to them.

Aurate’s Mother’s Day jewelry email campaign featuring customer stories on motherhood

There is no single right way to craft a personal note because it’s something that should be aligned with your own story and the brand’s tone of voice. However, we hope these beautiful examples might inspire you to craft a letter of your own.

Subject line ideas for this email:

  • Happy Mother's Day from BrandName!
  • To the best mom – a note from our founder
  • From mother to mother – Happy Mother’s Day

What’s in your Mother's Day jewelry email campaign?

Mother's Day is one of the highest-spending consumer holidays both in the US and Europe. And as a jewelry brand, you’re likely to experience a demand surge around this time of the year. But it’s also the holiday that requires a thoughtful approach.

By allowing your subscribers to snooze Mother’s Day emails, reminding them about shipping deadlines, and sharing your personal story, you can practice thoughtfulness and foster a relationship with your audience.

Start your campaign by announcing upcoming Mother’s Day deals on your website and inviting visitors to join your email list in exchange for a Mother’s Day promo discount. Then engage your current and new subscribers by launching an email marketing automation that includes emails we discussed in this article. Finally, by analyzing how subscribers are clicking through your emails, send them additional promo offers, reminders, or recommendations.

Building the campaign sounds like a daunting task? Getsitecontrol is an email marketing app that makes it straightforward. From growing an email list to segmenting your contacts and sending bulk promos, you’ll be guided by stunning templates, clear tutorials, and a 24-hour live chat. Try it for free, and see the results shortly!

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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