10 Shopify Jewelry Stores We Love (and Themes They’re Using)

10 Shopify Jewelry Stores We Love (and Themes They’re Using)
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Jul 5, 2024 —  8 min read

While starting a jewelry store on Shopify might be straightforward, mastering the art of customer engagement can be a real challenge.

So if you’re looking for stores that are particularly good at that, you’re in the right place.

For this article, we put together 10 successful jewelry stores running on Shopify. Then, we reviewed their home pages, product pages, and the tactics they use to create a smooth shopping experience.

Let’s dive right in!

10 Shopify jewelry stores you can learn from

From artisanal pieces to high-volume fashion jewelry, these stores showcase a range of strategies you can apply to your brand.

Delani Jewelry – minimalist waterproof jewelry brand

Delani is a minimalist jewelry brand offering waterproof pieces inspired by the ocean. Designed in California, Delani jewelry is perfect for adventurers seeking timeless elegance.

Delani is a minimalist waterproof jewelry brand with a store built on Shopify

Delani’s home page is stunning and functional. Its clean design draws immediate attention to the hero banner, which features a minimalist two-image slideshow, ensuring faster load times. The rest of the page focuses on product visuals and a social proof collage consisting of videos from happy customers.

Product pages are meticulously organized, presenting essential information in an accessible yet unobtrusive manner. Key details such as product specs, shipping terms, and color guarantee are conveniently tucked into expandable sections. To address common purchase hesitations, Delani uses dynamic discount promotions and customer reviews embedded into each product page.

Delani’s product page overview

Delani Jewelry exemplifies how to blend aesthetic appeal with practical ecommerce solutions. Look no further if you’re seeking inspiration for your own Shopify jewelry store.

Visit the store: Delani Jewelry

Delanis’s theme of choice: Aurora ($340)

Saint Valentine – modern, affordable jewelry brand

Saint Valentine is an Australian company that creates contemporary, high-quality jewelry at accessible prices. The brand draws inspiration from art, travel, and vintage aesthetics, focusing on slow fashion and sustainability with its small collections.

Saint Valentine is an example of a Shopify jewelry store

Saint Valentine is a store with a clean design that’s easy to navigate across devices. Despite featuring several high-quality videos, the homepage loads quickly and creates an excellent product discovery experience. For example, visitors get the full picture of the store's offerings due to a well-structured mega menu, while the key collections are also highlighted throughout the home page.

Overview of Saint Valentine’s mega menu

The standout feature of this store is its product pages. They include thoughtful additions like “Is this a gift?” and “Send a hint” alongside customer reviews, pairing suggestions, and information about sizing and care — all presented in a way that's informative without being overwhelming.

Saint Valentine’s product page overview

For jewelry brand owners and marketers, Saint Valentine offers numerous lessons, from leveraging video sections to enhancing product discovery and increasing order value with in-cart cross-selling.

Visit the store: Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine’s theme of choice: Prestige ($380)

POCHÉ – vibrant statement jewelry brand

POCHÉ Jewelry is a London-based brand, offering vibrant, sustainable statement pieces. Known for bold combinations of colors, materials, and shapes, their hand-finished designs add a unique touch to any look.

POCHÉ’s jewelry homepage featuring Dua Lipa wearing its products

A classic lookbook showcases the bestsellers, providing a segway into a shopping journey. Note that despite the bold aesthetics, the store design remains minimalistic, allowing the focus to stay on the jewelry. Contrasting sections and a split-screen video on the homepage highlight their products effectively. This dynamic presentation ensures that each piece gets the attention it deserves, enticing customers to explore further.

Product page layout aligns with the brand’s youthful, vibrant audience. Its key features are the product image collage, low stock alert, custom color swatches, and a clickable size guide that slides in on the same page, without interrupting the shopping experience.

POCHÉ store product page example

Visit the store: POCHÉ

POCHÉ’s theme of choice: Aurora ($340)

BRUNA – timeless, responsibly crafted jewelry brand

BRUNA offers timeless jewelry inspired by the imperfect beauty of rare Keshi pearls from Tahiti. Crafted from ethical gold, silver, lab-grown diamonds, and real pearls, BRUNA's pieces are designed for everyday wear and versatile styling.

BRUNA is a Shopify jewelry brand offering responsibly crafted pieces

Bruna's website excels at in-store navigation and product discovery, using a few unique tactics. For example, the in-menu promos showcase lookbook images with interactive hotspots right next to the lists of collections.

BRUNA’s store features in-menu promos with interactive lookbook images

Instead of a conventional carousel, BRUNA’s product pages feature collages consisting of still images and videos. Note that despite the abundance of information, the layout remains neat and user-friendly. The compact swatches enhance the customer decision-making experience and the “Complete the look” section helps increase average order value (AOV).

BRUNA’s product page example

BRUNA did an excellent job creating dedicated collections and lookbooks for different occasions, featuring lots of user-generated content (UGC), and sharing stories from behind the scenes. This is undoubtedly one of the best jewelry brands to learn from.

Visit the store: BRUNA

BRUNA’s theme of choice: Prestige ($380)

Pestana Jewelry – artisanal, handcrafted jewelry

Pestana Jewelry is a one-woman brand, based in Bend, Oregon. It offers a collection of handcrafted pieces forged from silver and turquoise. As a boutique craft brand, Pestana provides both ready-made and made-to-order jewelry options.

Pestana Jewelry is a one-woman jewelry brand based in Oregon

In contrast to larger stores featured in this list, Pestana's website has fewer pages and a more streamlined layout. The homepage cleverly utilizes the hero banner to spotlight the newest collection immediately upon arrival. Subsequent sections display key product categories and introduce the maker.

Pestana homepage featuring the founder and jewelry maker

The product pages of Pestana Jewelry are notably straightforward and focused, ensuring a clear and concise shopping experience for visitors.

Pestana product page overview

Importantly, Pestana has optimized its product pages for optimal search engine visibility. Elements such as URL slugs, product names, descriptions, and metadata are crafted to include targeted keywords like “moonstone jewelry set” or “traveler’s ring,” enhancing its SEO and attracting visitors searching for such pieces.

Visit the store: Pestana jewelry

Pestana’s theme of choice: Atlantic ($280)

Susan Caplan – luxury vintage jewelry brand

Susan Caplan is a luxury vintage jewelry store named after its founder. It boasts a carefully curated collection featuring legendary designers like Chanel and Dior.

Susan Caplan is a vintage jewelry store running on Shopify

The store’s homepage is designed to provide an immersive experience that transports visitors into the world of luxury vintage. It utilizes well-designed in-menu promos to showcase popular collections and items. Further down, the homepage builds trust with social proof, displaying media mentions, customer testimonials, and an Instagram post gallery.

Instagram post gallery featured on Susan Caplan’s home page

Susan's product pages focus initially on the pieces and their history, then delve into more detailed descriptions. A notable feature is the informational submenu under the product image, addressing common customer queries. The cross-selling technique is subtle, allowing quick views of related pieces without navigating away from the current page.

Example of Susan Caplan’s product page

Overall, Susan Caplan’s website is not just visually stunning but also a goldmine of ideas for those designing their own Shopify jewelry store.

Visit the store: Susan Caplan

Susan Caplan’s theme of choice: Aurora ($340)

Bonito Jewelry – sustainable brand with eco-friendly ethos

Bonito Jewelry bridges the gap between wearable art and conscious consumerism. With roots in Bali and a commitment to meaningful giving-back initiatives, Bonito transforms raw materials into personal and unique jewelry pieces.

Bonito is an example of a jewelry store running on Shopify

Bonito’s website design and earthy color theme effectively highlight its eco-friendly ethos. Product discovery is enhanced by in-menu promotions, featured product sections, and the Shop the look gallery made up of user-generated content (UGC) which also perfectly serves as social proof.

Bonito Jewelry embeds user-generated content into the Shop the Look section

Although slightly cluttered, the product pages are packed with detailed information, ensuring customers have all they need to make informed decisions. Three particularly noteworthy details are the highlighted savings, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option, and the ‘Low stock’ alert. Seemingly small additions, they are designed to alleviate objections and boost conversions.

Bonito Jewelry product page example

Visit the store: Bonito Jewelry

Bonito’s theme of choice: Reformation ($320)

Gaboni Jewelers – modern, affordable wedding jewelry

Gaboni offers high-quality, affordable wedding rings made from durable metals like titanium and tungsten carbide. Their unique designs include custom pieces and sterling silver rings with simulated diamonds.

Gaboni is a wedding ring brand whose store is built on Shopify

Gaboni's store design is straightforward, focusing on its main product variations. As a single-product store, it has a clean layout, ensuring that customers can easily navigate and find exactly what they are looking for without any distractions.

Despite its simplicity, Gaboni excels in marketing optimization. The homepage prominently features bestsellers, complete with star-scale ratings for social proof and highlighted price cuts to emphasize savings.

Gaboni’s homepage features bestselling wedding bands

Gaboni's product pages follow a standard layout with a few unique features. For example, customers can select engraving options and font styles through dedicated menus, adding a personalized touch to their bands. Additionally, the delivery timeline projection provides clear expectations on shipping times, enhancing the customer experience.

Gaboni Jewelers product page example

If you also own a single-product brand, consider taking a few pages from Gaboni’s book.

Visit the store: Gaboni Jewelers

Gaboni’s theme of choice: Brooklyn (discontinued by Shopify)

Jewellers Workshop – custom personalized jewelry brand

Jewellers Workshop specializes in custom-designed, handmade jewelry. The workshop emphasizes ethical practices, incorporating 80% recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds.

Jewellers Workshop is jewelry brand specializing in custom-designed handmade jewelry

The visual storytelling approach of Jewellers Workshop is a masterclass in branding, skillfully balancing the allure of unique jewelry with an inside look at the crafting process. Such transparency builds trust and underscores the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship.

The website is user-friendly, featuring a clear menu and organized collection pages that enhance shopping with quick-view and quick-buy options.

Jewellers Workshop collection page overview

A strategically placed social proof section on the homepage showcases glowing testimonials and press accolades, bolstering credibility.

Jewellers Workshop’s social proof section

Jewellers Workshop is an exemplary store for any custom jewelry brand willing to build customer relationships based on trust and engagement.

Visit the store: Jewellers Workshop

Jewellers Workshop’s theme of choice: Broadcast ($360)

Embella – coastal bohemian style jewelry

Embella is a jewelry brand that embodies the coastal bohemian lifestyle. It offers an extensive collection of handmade jewelry featuring unique materials and semi-precious gemstones.

Embella is a coastal bohemian-style jewelry brand

The store's clean design highlights the products, with gold jewelry standing out against the white background. The homepage employs visual storytelling, showcasing Embella jewelry in various life scenarios and emphasizing its water-safe features.

Embella uses visual storytelling tactics to highlight its key jewelry qualities

This storytelling approach continues on the product collection pages, where you can learn about the meaning of each piece and best practices for wearing them. These content insertions not only help the brand resonate with customers but also improve the store’s SEO.

Embella’s collection pages feature information about the meaning of the jewelry and best practices for wearing it

Embella is a prime example of a beautifully designed Shopify jewelry store that uses visual storytelling and a thoughtful structure to connect with its audience.

Visit the store: Embella

Embella’s theme of choice: Impulse ($380)

Best practices for (re)designing your jewelry store

Creating a successful Shopify jewelry store goes beyond listing products; it’s about crafting an engaging and seamless shopping experience. Here are some best practices gleaned from the stores we featured:

Make use of visual storytelling

Use high-quality images and videos to tell the story of your brand and products. Highlight real-life scenarios when your jewelry can be worn to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Enhance product discovery

Ensure your website is easy to navigate. Use clear menus, organized collection pages, and intuitive layouts that make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

Optimize product pages

Product pages should provide detailed information without overwhelming the visitor. Use expandable sections for specs, shipping, and returns; include gifting options and related product recommendations.

Showcase social proof

Showcase customer testimonials, media mentions, and user-generated content to build trust and credibility. A dedicated section for reviews can significantly boost customer confidence, but it’s also important to feature them across the store and on product pages.

Activate cross-selling sections

Incorporate features like “Complete the Look” or “Related Products” to increase the average order value (AOV). Subtle cross-selling tactics can enhance the shopping experience and drive additional sales.

Bring new ideas to life in your own jewelry store

A successful store resonates with its audience not just through its products but also through its story and the shopping experience it provides. Start by choosing a Shopify jewelry theme that aligns with your brand’s vision. From there, incorporate elements that enhance user interaction, highlight your unique offerings, and ultimately, build a loyal customer base.

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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