Urbankissed Store Increased its Email List Size by 250%

Urbankissed Store Increased its Email List Size by 250%
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Mar 17, 2023 —  3 min read

Of all marketing objectives, email list building has the biggest priority for most of our customers.

To increase email signup rates, many brands choose to offer a first-purchase discount. However, if you’re a smaller-to-medium-sized brand, large discounts may hurt your margins.

So what is a feasible signup rate you can expect to achieve when offering 5% off the first order?

We addressed this question to Sophie, CEO of Urbankissed, an ethical fashion brand from Europe. Sophie’s team was able to increase the size of their email list by over 250% within a year using this popup:

Here is their success story.

Meet Urbankissed

Urbankissed is an online marketplace for handmade treasures & unique finds from carefully curated small brands that care about their artisans. Their online marketplace is hunting for the most extraordinary brands full of treasures to bring you a range of products that are as unique as you are and will make your heart beat faster.

Urbankissed stocks over 100 European brands and has a broad category offering including vegan sneakers, linen shirts, and floral dresses.

Urbankissed is an ethical fashion online store run by a female-led team

Urbankissed is run with love by a female-led team, and their highly engaged community of conscious shoppers set them apart in the ethical fashion space.

Their messaging is engaging and fun. It promotes conscious consumption in a playful way with quotes like “Run with love, not by algorithms!” and “Don't get me diamonds. Get me jewelry made with love!”

Like most ecommerce brands, Urbankissed saw great value in having a newsletter, but enticing people to sign up was not easy.

Before: Inline forms converted only 0,9% of visitors

Before implementing Getsitecontrol, the brand was using solely inline forms to grow their list:

Inline signup form converting 0.9% of website visitors into subscribers

However, Inline signup forms converted only 0.9% of store visitors into subscribers.

The team knew that increasing their signup rate would help them grow the list faster. That would provide a chance to better connect with their audience, build loyalty, and drive sales.

That’s why they decided to try Getsitecontrol.

Going the extra mile for a custom pop-up form

As a brand, you always want to make sure your website popups align with your branding. So did Urbankissed.

With the help of Getsitecontrol’s Customer Support team, they were able to create a unique, cutting-edge popup that both captures customers' attention and encourages them to sign up for the newsletter:

Email signup form designed for Urbankissed in Getsitecontrol

This email opt-in form pops up after a visitor spends 15 seconds on the Urbankissed website, thus ensuring that only those who are interested in the brand are invited to join the newsletter.

In Sophie’s words, the key reason why her team chose Getsitecontrol is because of its visually appealing popup designs and versatile targeting settings. Specifically, they wanted a tool that would allow for setting very precise rules, such as the ability to show the popups again after a specified period, exclude visitors from specific IPs, and more.

After: 2.2X signup rate improvement

Within the first year of using Getsitecontrol, Urbankissed increased its mailing list size by approximately 250%.

They also saw a significant improvement in the signup conversion rate, increasing from 0.9% to 2%. The improvement far exceeded the industry average, which is typically around 1%.

Sophie Burner, CEO of Urbankissed

Want to see the Urbankissed popup in action? Then go ahead and visit the Urbankissed online store.

Want us to help you design your own one-of-a-kind popup? Reach out to us using our 24/7 live chat or email us at help@getsitecontrol.com. We can’t wait to write your success story!

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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