Getsitecontrol expert reviews

Getsitecontrol expert reviews
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Apr 10, 2019 —  3 min read

Do you rely on reviews when looking for new tools? Or do you prefer to experience every product first hand and form your own opinion? If you are interested in reviews, here are some of the expert opinions on Getsitecontrol we've recently come across. If you like to write your own reviews, check the end of this post for great places to share your opinion.


Getsitecontrol has been awarded the Rising Star award as well as the Great User Experience recognition for best conversion rate optimization tools by the popular review directory and SaaS platform FinancesOnline.

Getsitecontrol is also one of the top 20 Conversion Rate Optimization Software products on FinancesOnline and was recommended in their What Is Conversion Rate Optimization Software guide!

Getsitecontrol provides you with a set of friendly and lightweight call-to-action forms. You can create, edit, activate, deactivate and analyze all of them in a single user dashboard, which helps get an overview of the overall performance and make quick adjustments when needed.

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I was thoroughly impressed with Getsitecontrol. On the paid plans, it gives you powerful targeting and behavior rules while still remaining accessible to non-techie users.

I also loved the attention to detail in the interface. Things like the color theme picker and pre-made templates make it easy to quickly create new widgets. And the gorgeous dashboard makes it easy to manage those widgets, view statistics, and run A/B tests.

While the free version lets you get a taste without cracking open your wallet, I think you really should go with the paid plan if you want to access the most helpful features.

When you consider that Getsitecontrol has the potential to replace multiple plugins, the cost is pretty negligible in my opinion.

All in all, I definitely recommend Getsitecontrol to anyone looking to better connect with their website visitors.

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FitSmallBusiness team collects user reviews of marketing software and publishes them to help you make the right choice. Here is what they had to say about Getsitecontrol:

Getsitecontrol provides users with various widgets to increase the visitor engagement on their website.

Users who gave Getsitecontrol positive feedback said that the system is easy to learn and use. They also like that it can be integrated with a lot of third-party apps such as CRM and email automation tools.

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The very first thing I fell in love with about Getsitecontrol was their UI. Whoever their designer over there is, big kudos. It’s probably one of the best UIs for a WordPress plugin/service I have seen to date. I never once had to open up any of their documentation because everything was so crazy easy. If you are ready to consolidate all your CTA plugins down into one, Getsitecontrol is definitely one you want to check out.

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Ankit Prakash, founder of EasySendy

All-in-all, this tool has all the features that can help you increase your traffic quickly. Since most of its features are free, I’d say this is the best tool to try. Also, now you can add animated GIFs to your widgets too!

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I've been using this for the last few weeks. I've got to be honest, it's an incredibly easy way of adding these different widgets or apps to your site without the need to go through and use different plugins or different scripts. It's all done in one location and it's done very easily.

And that pretty much sums up Getsitecontrol. It's very easy to work with, very intuitive, makes linking these different widgets or apps to your website a really painless affair. Once the code is there, the job is done basically.

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