How to set up an email autoresponder

An autoresponder is a custom message that is automatically emailed to your website visitors after they have interacted with one of your GetSiteControl widgets. You can enable an autoresponder for a Subscribe widget and then this email will be sent to all of your new subscribers. You can also create an autoresponder for Contact and Survey widgets so that everyone who leaves their email address on your website receives an autoreply. You can use this message to thank people for subscribing or sending you a message. You can also use this email to send discount coupons, links to download bonus materials or other information that will help to keep your customers engaged.

Step 1

Open your dashboard and click the Edit button on the widget you want to create an autoresponder for.

Click the Edit button on the widget you want to edit

Step 2

Switch to the Integrations tab and check the Enable autoresponder check-box.

Check the 'Enable autoresponder' check-box on the Integrations tab

Step 3

Check the available fields and edit them if necessary:

  • From: this is the name that will be added to the ‘From’ field of your autoresponder emails;
  • Subject: the subject of the letter;
  • Message: this is the body of the automatic email.


When you are done editing click OK to save the changes. After that everyone who leaves their email address via this widget will receive your welcome/follow-up automatic email.

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