Explore Redesigned Admin Panel, New Navigation, and Other Updates

Explore Redesigned Admin Panel, New Navigation, and Other Updates
Nina De la Cruz Nina De la Cruz Sep 15, 2022 —  4 min read

For the past couple of months, our team has been working on improving the Getsitecontrol dashboard design, navigation, and usability.

Today, we’re ready to share several updates, so let’s bring you up to speed and see what’s new.

Feel free to jump to the part that piques your interest the most:

The biggest update of this summer is our built-in email editor. It’s designed to help you create beautiful, professional-looking welcome emails and email sequences. In the latest release, we’ve powered it up with a follow-up email gallery 👇

Now, even if you’re creating a follow-up email from scratch, you can avoid the blank page paralysis by selecting one of the templates and tailoring it to your needs.

If you haven’t checked the new email editor yet, read more about it on our blog. It’s a must-see.

New navigation panel

As Getsitecontrol’s feature set has been expanding, it also started demanding a new, centralized navigation system. That’s why we redesigned the admin panel and added a new navigation bar on the left:

New navigation panel in the Getsitecontrol panel

You can use it to switch between widgets, contacts, account settings, and websites Getsitecontrol is connected to. The navigation panel also features quick access to the performance statistics report, A/B testing report and, if you’re using Shopify – sales report as well.

Speaking of reports…

New report breakdown

Previously, there used to be a single tab housing general performance statistics, form submissions, and sales. With this update, these three reports have been separated. The navigation panel on the left now houses general statistics and sales reports (the latter is available to Shopify users only).

Let’s do a quick recap on what each report includes.


If you open the general statistics report, you’ll see views and interactions broken down by widgets, traffic channels, countries, devices, and website pages.

New location for the widget performance statistics report in Getsitecontrol

(💡 Notice that if any filter has a value that’s different from “All”, it’s now highlighted in blue to make it easier to keep the applied segmentation in mind)


If you’re a Shopify user, the Sales report reflects orders and sales that happened after a customer interacted with your widgets (we call such sales “widget-related sales”).

Widget-related sales report is now located in the navigation bar in Getsitecontrol

To access the information submitted through your forms (form responses) and view details about the respondents, you’ll now need to use widget cards 👇

Upgraded widget cards

Widget cards are now at the center of attention. They have received a minor facelift, a reporting system update, a new metric (emails), and a more detailed CTR breakdown.

New metric: emails

The emails metric will only be displayed for widgets with follow-up emails.

When you click on the metric, you’ll get the following value breakdown:

  • Sent – how many follow-up emails have been sent from that widget
  • Clicked – how many times recipients have clicked through the emails
  • Unsubscribed – how many have unsubscribed from your emails

Follow-up emails perform for any given widget

This way, you’ll be able to see how well your follow-up emails perform for any given widget.

CTR breakdown

The CTR metric has been available on widget cards for a long time, however, it used to display only the cumulative CTR for all action buttons on the widget. With the new release, you’ll be able to see the CTR for each action button on the widget.

The CTR for each action button on the widget

Of course, this update is only relevant when your widget has more than one action button.

For example, if you have an email signup form with a coupon code on the second page, you’ll have Submit CTR and Copy to clipboard CTR displayed separately.


Previously, you could access the widget’s statistics directly from its card. Now that the general statistics report has been moved to the navigation bar, widget cards only allow you to access form responses:

New look of the widget cards in Getsitecontrol

Notice that if you want to view detailed performance statistics for that widget, you can click on its views, actions, or CTR metric and navigate to the report:

Navigation to the widget’s statistics detailed report from the widget card

If you’re a Shopify user, your widget cards will also include sales associated with the selected widget.

New way to create a widget

When it comes to widget creation, we’ve experimented with the starting point a lot. Previously, you could create a widget from scratch, fetch a template from the gallery, or get started with selecting your goal (use case).

A couple of months ago, we added an option to start with premade widgets, and it looks like this approach is staying for good. Here is what it looks like:

The premade widget gallery brings 18 widgets from the most popular categories, such as email subscription forms, coupon promos, and abandonment stoppers.

Each premade widget has all the most essential parameters already preset:

  • targeting settings,
  • dynamic text settings,
  • button actions,
  • and follow-up email settings.

Keep in mind that you can still create widgets from scratch. However, if you need a widget from one of the most popular categories, with the premade gallery, it only takes a couple of minutes. All you need to do is adjust the copy, image, and follow-up text, where it’s necessary.

Resource library

Finally, under the Account menu, we’ve put together a library of resources to help you get the hang of the app faster and have a single knowledge base to refer to.

The library includes quick links to:

  • live demo registration form
  • Slack channel
  • help center
  • our blog
  • use case library
  • and our podcast

Resource library is now available from the Getsitecontrol dashboard

The season of updates is open

That’s all for the month. However, we have more features in the works, so you should expect another update soon. Stay tuned!

Got questions? Email us at help@getsitecontrol.com or ask us on Slack.

Nina De la Cruz is a content strategist at Getsitecontrol. She is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce brands achieve sustainable growth through email marketing.

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