Aurora 2.0 Brings Countdown Timers, Hotspots, In-Cart Promos, and More

Aurora 2.0 Brings Countdown Timers, Hotspots, In-Cart Promos, and More
Ann Ashen Ann Ashen Aug 24, 2023 —  3 min read

The Aurora Theme community continues to grow, and our roadmap is bursting with new features.

We're excited to announce that many of these highly anticipated features are now part of Aurora 2.0.

The new blocks and sections are designed to instill urgency, amplify sales, and streamline your cross-selling efforts.

Let's walk through the updates, one by one.

Countdown Timer

With the new version of Aurora, you can add countdown timers to your store. Unlike many other Shopify themes, Aurora allows you to create not just fixed-date timers, but also evergreen timers showing how much time each visitor has left to get the offer.

Countdown timers can be displayed as a page-wide banner or as a compact block. You can use them to infuse a sense of urgency in any section of your store, such as:

  • Homepage
  • Shopping cart
  • Product pages
  • Signup form
  • Store pre-launch page

📌 In upcoming theme updates, we plan to introduce a bar format for this feature as well.


Hotspots are interactive pins you can add to still images and product photos. As soon as a customer hovers over or clicks on any of the hotspots, up pops an info bulb with product details, tips, or clickable links.

Hotspots provide a more intuitive browsing experience and an immersive way to explore your offerings. The list of use cases for hotspots is endless and caters to various niches. Here are just some examples:

  • Fashion: Highlight design details, fabric textures, pairing suggestions, or caring tips.
  • Furniture: Showcase intricate craftsmanship or specific materials used.
  • Beauty: Offer insights into the ingredients and application techniques.

The following new section allows you to display product recommendations in the shopping cart and suggest items related to the current selection.

There are three ways to display related products: among the products inside or on the side of the cart drawer, on the shopping cart page, or both.

When done right, in-cart product recommendations create a win-win scenario – helping customers discover complementary items, while increasing your average order value (AOV).

In-Cart Banners

Alongside related products, Aurora 2.0 introduces in-cart banners – captivating promotional blocks placed amidst the products in the shopping cart.

In-cart promo banners in Aurora Shopify theme

Use these banners to promote ongoing sales or encourage customers to consider last-minute offers before proceeding to checkout.

Scrolling Text

Another exciting update is marquee-like scrolling text bars that are customizable and easily integrable into your store. You can position them horizontally or diagonally across the page, either in parallel or crossed.

Scrolling text provides an elegant solution for conveying important announcements. Use it to spotlight limited-time offers, communicate your policies, and keep customers informed about noteworthy news.

Video Embedding

If you’ve had a chance to explore Aurora a bit, you know that it’s a theme with a strong focus on video content and storytelling. To build on that, we’ve implemented an external video embedding feature.

Video embedding feature in Aurora Theme

You can embed external videos from YouTube and Vimeo into a store banner and create an immersive experience for your customers with native video playback and sound controls, alt text, and a cover image.

EU Localization

Finally, Aurora embraces international expansion with version 2.0. Its built-in content is now available in French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Storefront locales in these languages contribute to seamless shopping for international visitors and make it easier for you to welcome a global audience.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new features.

Go ahead and update your theme version to explore it yourself. If you have any questions or suggestions to add to our roadmap, let us know on Slack.

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