How to create an opt-in form (collect email addresses on your website)


1. Click Create widget and choose Subscribe
2. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for your widget
3. On the Content tab change the default title and description if necessary
4. Save the widget and activate it
5. Download collected emails using the Download subscribers button

Have you already installed the GetSiteControl code on your website? If not, the step-by-step instructions are right here. If you have already installed the code, follow the steps below create an opt-in form for your website:

Step 1

Open your GetSiteControl dashboard, click the green Create widget button and select Subscribe from the drop-down list.


Step 2

On the Appearance tab select where you want to position your widget. There are 9 options to choose from in the Position section.


Step 3

You will find the Choose a color section on the same tab. Click the Theme button to pick a color for your widget. Here you can choose from the colors used on your website or pick any other color. Try different color options to see which one will look best on your website - you will see the result in the preview window on the right. You can also click the Full-size preview link to see a bigger preview of the widget on your website.


Step 4

Now switch to the Content tab and fill in the required fields. This is what your website visitors will see in your widget. The preview will display your changes in real time.


Step 5

When you are done with widget settings, press OK. Please note, that when you first create a widget, it is not activated and not displayed on your website. When you are ready to publish the widget, activate it.


Step 6

Now when your Subscribe widget is created and published you will need to get the email addresses of those who have subscribed. To download the list of email addresses just open your dashboard and click Download subscribers.


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