Add a floating Contact button to your page

Add a compact floating Contact Us button to the side of your page that will open a popup contact form when clicked. The button will stay visible while the page is scrolled making it easy for your website visitors to contact you when they have questions or comments. Put the button on the right or left side of the page and easily customize the form to include the fields you need.

Add a side/floating 'Contact Us' button to your website

Add a side/floating 'Contact Us' button to your website

Here is how you do it

  1. Open your GetSiteControl dashboard
  2. Click Create widget and choose Contact
  3. On the Appearance tab choose the necessary position (left side button or right side button) and color for your form
  4. On the Content tab check the default form fields. Change these fields if necessary or add new custom fields
  5. Save the widget and activate it
  6. Receive notifications about new messages to your email address and reply to them right from your inbox

Need more information?

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