How to make a click-to-call button for your website


  1. Click Create widget → choose Promo
  2. Switch to Mobile preview
  3. Choose a color for the button
  4. Switch to the Content tab → fill the Label for mobile field (e.g. 'Click to call')
  5. Enter the phone number into the Target URL field (e.g. tel:+1311111111)
  6. Switch to the Targeting tab → check visitors who meet the conditions below → choose Include devices → check Mobile
  7. Click OK to save the widget → activate the widget

A click-to-call button on your mobile website will make it easy for your mobile visitors to reach you by phone - it will only take one click! Click-to-call functionality will considerably improve your chances of successfully converting mobile visitors who are always more difficult to convert than desktop users. With GetSiteControl you can easily create a website button that will only be displayed on mobile devices (but not on desktops) and will provide mobile visitors with a quick way to give you a call.

Step 1

Open your GetSiteControl dashboard, click Create widget and choose Promo from the list.

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How to add a click-to-call button to your mobile website

Step 2

Use the buttons located under the preview window to switch to Mobile preview. This is how your widget is going to look like on mobile devices.

Use the Colors section to choose a color for the button.

How to add a click-to-call button to your website

Step 3

Switch to the Content tab and fill in the Label for mobile field. This is the text that's going to be displayed on the button (e.g. 'Click to call', 'Call us!, 'Call us now', etc.).

The Target URL field is where you need to enter your phone number using the following format: tel:+15555551234

How to add a click-to-call button to your website

Step 4

Go to the Targeting tab. Here you can choose what types of devices the button will appear on. To choose mobile devices only, first choose visitors who meet the conditions below under Who should see this widget?. Choose to Include devices and check the Mobile checkbox.

How to add a click-to-call button to your website

Step 5

When you are done editing the widget, click OK to save the changes. Activate the widget from the dashboard and it will go live on your mobile website. Now mobile visitors can quickly and easily give you a call while browsing your website from their smartphones.

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