How to create an exit popup (show a message to the visitors leaving your site)

Want to show a message to the visitors leaving your website and lower your site’s bounce rate? Here are the steps to create a bounce form that will be shown to those about to leave your site:

Step 1

Open the Dashboard, click on Create widget and select Promo from the drop-down list.


Step 2

On the Appearance tab choose a position for your widget. Choose the first option if you want to create a modal popup widget. On the same tab you can also change the color of your widget - choose from the colors of your website or pick any other color.


Step 3

Now switch to the Content tab and fill in the offered fields. Here is when you need to get creative and think of a message that will stop your website visitors from leaving your website.


Step 4

Now you need to make this window appear only when a visitor is leaving your website. Switch to the Behavior tab and check the option when the user is leaving the website in the Start to display the widget section.


Step 5

When you are done editing your new widget, click OK. Please note that when you first create a widget it is not activated and not displayed on your website. When you are ready to publish the widget, activate it.


That’s it. Your popup has been published and every visitor will see it right before leaving your website.

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