Add an exit popup to convert abandoning visitors

Most visitors will spend less than a minute on your website and leave to never come back again. So why not show them one last message just before they leave and increase the chance of a successful conversion? Is there a benefit they might have missed? Is there a discount that will persuade them to make a purchase? Use an exit popup to show your visitors a message that will make them stay.

Use exit popups to convert abandoning website visitors

Here is how you do it

  1. Open your GetSiteControl dashboard
  2. Click Create widget and choose the necessary widget type from the list (our example is promotional website popup)
  3. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for your widget. Add one of the images from the gallery or upload your own custom image
  4. On the Content tab add a compelling headline, details of your offer and a link to the necessary page
  5. Switch to the Behavior tab and choose to start displaying the widget when the user is leaving the website
  6. Save the widget and activate it

Need more information?

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