Add live chat support to your website

Looking for a way to offer better customer service? With a live chat widget on your website, you can provide your customers with immediate access to help which is a great way to gain their trust and loyalty. Help users quickly solve problems and find answers to their questions to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Add a live chat support widget to your website

Here is how you do it

Create a Chat widget and choose an appropriate title for it - “Need help? Click to chat”, “Live chat”, “Live customer help”, “Chat with us” or any other title you like.

Check the default messages and change them if necessary. Select a color that matches your website design and configure the operator settings (display name, photo and email address for notifications). Activate your widget and it will go live on your website at once. When your website visitors contact you via the chat form you will be able to view conversations and reply in the Chat section of your dashboard.

Need more information?

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